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Six of Swords (Tarot Cards)

Monday, September 22, 2014

This card was delivered to me and the description of it all ... so on point with everything I'm going through right now with the move coming up...

The six of swords calls today to set you free! The six of swords is a card of release, of moving to a higher vibration, of letting go of the past, and finding the light within. This card reminds you that all of life has been preparing you for this moment. The six of swords speaks to the sadness of letting go, of giving up the thoughts of who you were, in order to become who you truly are!

The six of swords whispers that the sadness is beginning to lift, that you are finding inspiration again, and you are healing the wounds of the past. The time has come to be free of the ties that have been binding you. The time has come to set sail to smoother waters and allow peace to wash over you. You have grieved, you have reflected, and you have remembered that the past does not have power over you. You have remembered that you have the power, and you are ready to move on. You have learned or remembered and there is nothing left but the bittersweet good-bye. This chapter is closed.

With the end to every chapter, there is always a new beginning, and your fire is igniting, it has begun to burn. And while it has been, what seems like a very slow in coming, it is here, you are on course, the tides are taking you were you are meant to be. You may experience a feeling of unknowing, of finding your way in the dark. This is the good stuff, your dreams are beginning to catch wind, and take flight!

The six of swords is telling you that you do not need to be able to see in the dark right now, help is here, the light is getting brighter. Let go of the need to know what is next and trust in your path. Open yourself up to the possibility that you are enough right now, and it is only going to get better!

"I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be!" ~Albert Einstein

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