Fear of change... I will kick you in the butt!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Have you ever found that you are needing a change in something in your life, but every time you think of something it just does not seem quite right? Then you found something that really attracted you and decided to go for it, even though the whole process was scary, and was going to take a year? Then in what seemed like a short matter of time, you are at the other side.
That is how I feel with what started a little over a year ago for a career path.
For many years, I have been trying to find something that I can do for a job that I enjoy, gives me more time flexibility than I currently have, and the possibility of not having to work full-time for the rest of my career. Everything I looked at that interested me, particularly to be able to stay in the healthcare field, was like a passing fancy, so I never followed through on any of them for training. Last year in doing some online searching, I read about health coaching. I did some research of different places offering courses, and had doubts about the places that say they train you in a couple of weeks. How can you train someone to help others with their health in less than a month? Those courses were quickly thrown off my radar. I finally narrowed it down to a couple, and after close comparison chose one because I felt what they offered would be a more rounded coverage. I called them up and paid for it in July for the class starting in September.
At the start I was moving along okay with the courses, staying on top of corresponding weekly work and test. I was hearing a lot of useful information, some of it repeat of what I already knew through my searching for health, and some whet my appetite to explore deeper into different ways of eating. Even if not for myself, so I have a better understanding of what is out there. We had monthly group coaching calls, and then started interacting with other students, practicing the client and coach parts. Every person has their own style, and some I felt at ease with and others did not seem to get the personal aspect in there. Those interactions certainly helped me understand that each person will attract different clients.
Two months into the course, I was referred to a functional medicine neurologist for head pain I was having. When I told him I was studying to be a health coach, he recommended attending the AFMCP conference in September, and to let him know when I was done with that. I looked up the information online so I had an idea of what it was, cost, and dates so I could put in for time off. The funny thing was that around that same time there was a lecture in the course that talked about Functional Medicine.
At the beginning of January, I had an appt with a cranial osteopath to try to figure out what was causing my head pain, since it was not a 'headache'. I started getting a little stressed with everything going on in my life: doctor appts, bloodwork follow-ups, coursework, work, and at least trying to take care of my needs and not neglecting my husband. I told my mom at one point that I was not sure I could do the AFMCP conference, to which she just encouraged me to give it some time. Take care of my needs and do not rule it out. Besides, that would give the doctor that told me to do it an impression that I am not really interested in working with his patients. I was seeing some relief from my head pain as the visits to the cranial osteopath progressed. That was one stress relieving some. Things came up at work suddenly that violently stirred the stress pot up, but I knew that it was temporary as the person would be back at the end of July from his surgery. Then at the end of May, I hit the side of my head really hard, and to this day still have a constant head pain. One more candle to burn!!
I knew I had until around mid-June to sign up for the AFMCP conference at a discounted rate, but was getting very insecure about doing it: funds, time off work, physical stress. The weekend before the cut-off date, I signed up. I told myself that the health coach course finishes in August, and that if I did not go I probably would kick myself for letting the doctor down. I kept an eye on airfares and hotels to snag those as I found a good deal for what I wanted. I chose a hotel that was about a mile from where the conference was being held so that I could walk if I wanted. I found out that one of my health coach classmates was going to be at the conference, so that made me excited to meet her in person.
So I finished the health coaching course, and had a couple weeks of break before the conference. That time got filled with stress of a new manager coming in. He is a nice guy, it is just the change that was causing stress, but things seem to be settling down now.
Arizona was my destination for the conference. I arrived on Saturday, so that gave me all of Sunday to entertain myself. Renting a car for the day was easy because there was a rental place across the road. I took off North to Sedona and Jerome, at the recommendations of two people. Wow, are the red rock mesas pretty. It was a good break to just relax and enjoy on my time frame before heading into an intense week: 8am-6pm Monday thru Friday. I checked in for the conference, and got the course materials and my name badge on Sunday evening because I wanted to be ready for Monday morning.
Monday morning when I woke up, the first thought through my head was "I cannot do this. I want to go home." There was that fear of everything is going to be above my head since the conference is primarily put out there for doctors, nurses, and those more educated people. I did get up and went. I had paid good money to be there, so I gave doubt a kick in the butt. During the lunch break, I found the table my classmate said she was at. There was a gal standing there, so I asked if there was somebody at that table with 'this' name, and it was her. (Her name badge was turned around, so I could not see it.) We agreed to meet for dinner. The day was very good, and even though I was a little confused about some things, it was not terminology that was an issue. It was finding ways to store the information mentally, and determining what was of importance to know and understand now. The fourth day is really when things hit home for me. It was a lot of new information to me, but I found ways to apply it to myself, and possibly help my father get to the root of some of his issues. I went back to the hotel on a high.
When the week ended, I felt like I had been there a month, not in a bad way though. I had learned a lot of information, and my approach to health coaching has taken on a new dimension. My mom and husband asked if the money spent was worth it, to which I said a resounding "yes!" I would have regretted not going, and would not have known what I missed out on. Meeting my fellow classmate was great, and she gave me some additional information that I am using in my own life.
My desire to go back to my current job was diminished, but I have to continue until I can get the coaching up and running. Somebody told us a couple of years ago, that most people should have their own business at least once in their work life. This is the business, even if part-time, that I want: being a health coach, by means of phone, online, Skype, or in person. I want to help people change and improve their lives.... Now I just need to convince my husband to stop wanting me to work for somebody else the rest of my life
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    Good for you! I'm so glad you're pursing something that you will enjoy. I changed careers about 10 years ago. It's hard starting over, but it's been worth it. I'm sure it will be worth it for you as well.

    I do hope they find out what is causing your pain.
    2507 days ago
  • AJB121299
    2507 days ago
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