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New Tools and New Goals

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

So I bought some notebooks today and some special pens one with pink and the other with purple ink. I bought them as journals for myself. Blogging is nice and helps me to reflex on my day, but my journal will help as a all day thing and plus more personal to me. I think it will be a great tool in my journey to health.

Its day 4 of my personal 14 day challenge and still met every goal. I almost didn't do my 2nd 20min cardio workout today, but then I took my daughter for a walk to BK and that took care of it. Then I had an ice cream cone which kind of lessened my workout a bit in my eyes. Still my challenge goal was met.

Speak of sweets. I have a serious sweet tooth. Can't seem to break it. I want to get to one sweet a week, but I can tell its going to take some work. So for now I'm going to try 1 sweet every other day. Then slowly have less and less till I'm at one a week.

Other then the cone I over ate a bit at diner but I'm still within my calories so feeling good about it. For breakfast
*2 tbs peanut butter on 1 slice wheat bread
*2 cups cubed cantaloupe
For lunch (mostly leftovers)
*Almost 1 cup tuna casserole
*1 pork chop that was cooked in 98% fat free cream of chicken
*15 spears of asparagus
For diner
*1 1/2 Salmon (marinated)
*2 cups mashed potatoes no butter
*1 cup steamed broccoli

I started a wish list in my journal. More tools I want for my journey. Mostly its exercise equipment but I have a few others on there too.

Also I decided to evaluate my over all daily progress on a 1-10 scale. The reason is to try and better myself ever day. Today's is 5. I lost marks for
*Eating sweets yet again
*Overeating at supper
*My last workout was broken up. (10min there then 10min back)
*Being cranky with my loved ones
*Not spending as much quality time with my daughter as I should have
I know this may seem like I'm just being hard on myself, but its not. It's me being honest with myself and trying to see where im failing so I can do better not just in my journey to healthy but also in my attempts to be a better mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and just person in general.
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