I think I finally get the song....."Manic Monday"

Monday, September 15, 2014

Oh my word, today was seriously much like a nightmare.
After sitting through three days of spiritual convention in our second language...which is tough enough because there are words that are never used in general conversation, only in theocratic conversation. Needless to say, it takes extra concentration and the program was 6 hrs each day with an hour for lunch. Quite a schedule and in a second language.
That meant, this morning I was tired and would have loved nothing more than a lie in, considering that the underwriting I'm doing for a book....is completed. So nothing urgent pressing me....or so I thought.
My sons car battery died in the night, so I was woken early, and urgently needed to jump out of my warm bed and sleepy state and rush him to his gig. He is doing a "music awareness" week at a high school and had to be there BEFORE the start of school to set up his music room with 10 drums. tambourines, flutes and a didgeridoo. We get to my car to find that its locked and somethings gone wrong the mechanism, which meant we could not get the drivers door open for anything. Aaaargh why now when we were in such a rush. This meant I had to scramble over the center consul, tough job at the best of times and being 54 and overweight was not helping one bit. LOL Still, it had to be done and believe me, there is NO DIGNIFIED WAY to do that *blush*,

Once I had dropped a grateful Daniel off, I tore home to get hubby to work on time. On route home, I stopped to put fuel in, knowing I had popped my debit card into my bra (yeah I know, its a great purse lol) Once the fuel was in, to my embarrassment, it wasn't my debit card, but my drivers licence. OH MY WORD. I ended up phoning my sister who said she would pay my bill but in exchange, she wanted me to meet her for coffee because we had not seen each other for 4 days. She had a dreadful virus which led to vomiting and diarrhea...I did not want the virus....so I gave her a wide birth. She said she was suffering cabin fever and missssssing me, and wanted to "catch up". 4 Days is long for us, we see each other practically every day emoticon

I dropped hubby off, then to the mall and chose to a furthermost parking so I would not be witnessed by too many people doing my scramble over the center consul once more. Phew, I wonder if I can turn this into a sport and make some money out of my invention?

I finally got to the coffee shop and enjoyed a cup of really hot, fabulous coffee. We were deep in conversation catching up, laughing about her misadventure with the virus etc when my nephew walked through the door with "thought I'd find you here...I need a favor." I was like.....NOOOOOO not today, I seriously needed to not be needed today of all days. Thing is, his baby sister and two friends are coming to visit and hes desperate for some new jeans and sneakers. He's at that age plus when he last saw his sister he was on the bones of his bum, now he has a good job and has been signed up by a record producer and has just done a live show and doing his second one, which is why his sister is coming up. Another thing with this nephew is, he HATES SHOPPING and hes useless at it. He can spend all day and find absolutely nothing, while I on the other hand, have a trick I wish I'd never told anyone. I can stand in a doorway of a shop, scan it and know if what they want is there. Don't know how or why I developed this "skill" but I've been doing it for years. So, off I went and did my thing, and within minutes we ended up with a fabulous pair of jeans ONLY to find, that particular shop, while on his card, did not accept his card?? Some mumbo jumbo about head office and computer links etc. So we started the whole process again at another shop. He's on crutches, and I'm not in the shopping moooood at all. Not a good pair. LOL

We found another pair of jeans and sneakers within minutes at the second shop and the deal was done. Chase was in his element. But now....the chap suffers ADHD and the mall and coffee shop - I had to agree - was pretty noisy today, but my sister and I weren't nearly done chatting. So in the end, I gave my car to my nephew and decided to catch a ride back with my sister and her husband who was to come and join us for a quick cup of coffee. Based on the quick cup...I made my decision. Well, the quick cup was quick, but the trip back to my car was punctuated by 3 business stops and my brother in law LOVES people, so each time he went in, he stood and chatted away, while we sat in the hot car. While this was happening, I kept thinking about my younger son Cole at home, babysitting Axel for me. I said 2 hrs tops...and it was already 3.5hrs so I was feeling frustrated, but at the same time, Cole's phone was not being answered, so I couldn't explain what was happening.

Eventually I got back to my car...mad scramble over the center again, and as I was about to pull away, my phone rang. Some one who owed us money called to say he was sitting at a pub not far away with my cash, would I mind collecting it as he was waiting for someone and couldn't leave. Well, this money is long outstanding, so OBVIOUSLY I wasn't going to walk away. But I'm not a pub person, I don't like smoke. No, make that, I'm highly allergic to cigarette smoke, so I avoid those environments entirely. Still, this was a lot of money, and I've been chasing it for a while. So, I put on a brave front and went in.
While I was there, my nephew walked in and utterly surprised to see me there..obviously. He came over and introduced some local music mogul to me, the one that has just signed him up. He is a rapper, not a form of music I particularly like, but still, hes my nephew so I sit for a few minutes chatting to this youngster. He found out that I was the aunt and instantly went into "very respectful mode". You would have thought I gave birth to Chase and that he in fact was Elvis Presley LOL still, in this day and age, it really is nice to meet a youngster with so much respect for "the elderly", that's how he made me feel wahahaha.
This is the CD cover that will be released soon.

I finally had to say goodbye, but due to this respect, he insisted on walking me to my car. I DID NOT WANT THAT, because I had to scramble over the center! But nothing I said, helped me and he walked me out holding my elbow as if I was 94 instead of 54 emoticon emoticon

Fortunately for me, at that point his phone rang and he turned his back. I took my chance and did the scramble in double time. I'm probably going to wake in the morning to find I'm bruised all over my thighs and butt. I finally raced home to collect Axel and took some beef jerky to my son by way of apology. Appease the beast so to speak LOL

Once I had Axel, we went shopping. The family wants to barbecue tonight and asked me to buy certain meats and a bottle of wine and make some potato salad and a green salad. I stopped at the green grocer, collected salad ingredients, stopped at the bottle store and bought the wine. As we were leaving the store, my plastic carrier packet broke and the bottle fell, rolled all the way down the decline and finally stopped in the gutter......unhurt?! What a surprise, a grateful one I can assure you.

We made one more stop at the butcher. By this time Axel was hungry, so I bought him a chocolate milk shake to tide him over. They didn't have any with a screw top, just the ones with the silver foil, so I folded it back and handed it to Axel saying....be careful now, don't spill. It was like I jinxed us, because the next thing I knew, there was a "slip between cup and lip" and the bottle went down, chocolate milk shake everywhere on the front seat and me with nothing to clean it up with. Well, with no more stops before home, I decided to just climb in and be done with it. So, I ended up with a wet chocolate butt till I got home.

I got home and made the two salads and prepped the meat and all I want to do now is chill out, preferably in a hot bath BUT Daniel called to say, the school hes at, a parent wants a one-on-one lesson for their son NOW....cash job. Aaargh there is nothing I can do, I am "mommy" and mommies do just wait for daddy's to get finished with work. But at 54 I don't wanna be mommy, I wanna be granny. Oh well, such is life. I will get my break in 90 minutes and tomorrow will be better...it had better be better *insert mad laughter here*

So to steal the Bangles songs words.....
"It's just another manic Monday
I wish it was Sunday
'Cause that's my fun-day
My I don't have to run-day
It's just another manic Monday "
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon Hoping this week has been Calmer and Less Eventful!!
    2498 days ago
  • TERRY631
    Omg...the way you turn all of these problems into something more humorous...I love it! You are one real trouper, and I love how you are absolutely always there for the loved ones in your life. Your family is so very lucky to have you :) Hoping your car door has been fixed now, too....I hate climbing over everything from the other side when my car door has had problems emoticon
    2501 days ago
    emoticon that's all I got to say

    Love Mary
    2504 days ago
    what can one say? Adventure chased you down again! (Just curious..did you try unlocking that car door from the inside?)
    2505 days ago
  • GINA180847
    I am so glad you shared that with us Celest. It makes me feel better for the life I am part of now. My problem is just a gall bladder attack that never quits. I hope you are finally relaxing. Your family sounds so nice, and I hope your car door smartens up.
    2506 days ago
    LOL I am totally freakin out! --that is a cartoon here-- so cat says -- stop pause breathe..

    One thing I noticed --your bars let you smoke.. Here in Canada no smoking --not even in playgrounds bars restaurants cars ..ect..
    I love my country. teehee ..

    Did you ever get a bit of a lie down??

    hey girl I am now 60 -- and watch my grandbabies ---but you know what -- I am totally exhausted at days end... and I do not do the running around you do..

    so for you -- emoticon you get the most AWESOME award .. go Celest go
    2506 days ago
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