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Change your mindset, the rest will follow...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I've been thinking about "starting over" a lot this weekend. No...don't panic...not ME starting over...but rather the concept of staring over. It happens to so many of us. We start strong, we make a little or even a LOT of progress, we slip, and before we know it, we are starting over. It sucks.

What if we went into this with the mindset that it was our last it now or forever let it go? Like jumping out of a plane with no parachute...and nothing to fall back on.

I'm convinced that success in this journey comes from having that mindset. In 2007 I lost 20 pounds, gained it back plus some and had to start over. I cried. I pouted. I felt sorry for myself. I sucked it up...and I started over.

When I started over...I felt like it was "do it or die." It was my last chance work out. I was almost 50, in menopause, pre-diabetic and thinking that if I didn't do it right then, it was just going to get harder and harder and I might as well give up. Thank goodness I didn't give up and went on to lose 60 pounds in 2008. But I had to come to a place where I decided that no matter how hard it got, I could not give in and have to start over again. And, even today, because the risk of blowing back up to 200 pounds is still there, I must still live with a "no starting over" mindset.

Some of us are at goal and in maintenance, some of us are almost there, some of us are struggling to get past a plateau, some of us are working on a summer slip up, some of us are starting over, and some of us are sitting on the outside looking in and wishing we knew where to begin. We are not all in the same place, but we are all fighting the same struggles and battles.

I say it's time to throw away the "I can always start over" parachute. Change your mindset and rest will follow.
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