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My gym pet peeves

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Good morning world--happy Wednesday!

Like most people here, training and working out, health, well-being, fitness and nutrition are all important components of why we love SparkPeople. I am no different in that I love to talk about wellness, health and fitness with anyone who is willing to listen to my ramblings or even look to me for advice.

Now, I have some gal pals at the gym where I train who I truly look up to as my fitsporation. They are beautiful, strong and work hard! I commend their dedication and commitment and I love that, as women, we embrace being in the weight section of the gym lifting weights---and each other----up! :)

Now, I didn't always feel great about going into the weight section of any facility and putting up some iron, but in the last couple of years, I've become much less of the cardio-bunny and significantly more committed to working on muscle tone, gains, and my physique. I'm at a weight that I am happy with, I have a body that I actually can tolerate looking at in a bikini without being overly critical, and I just love the way I have been able to work hard to transform my body into a strong, functional, healthy machine.

That said, I wanted to share some of my gym pet peeves, as recently, I've been struggling with some of the behavior that goes on in the gym.

1. My time in the gym is my time to decompress. I'm sorry, I don't come for social hour.
2. Pajama pants are not acceptable in the gym...or anywhere, other than your bed. Take a minute and put on some gym shorts.
3. Hogging of the benches and multiple weight racks is really rude. And I will step in on your sets without asking. Don't monopolize the equipment. We all have goals we are trying to attain.
4. There is no need to walk around the gym like you might bust through the wall at any moment. Contain yourself and put that energy into your lift!
5. Yes, us ladies like to lift heavy. Don't judge us.
6. You can grunt if needed, but please know, I might giggle.
7. Gym time is not 'hey girl hey' time. I'm not at the gym trying to find a mate, I'm trying to build gains.
8. Men, when you all stand together in a circle and arent working out, it creates an intimidating environment for me---even worse when you are staring me down as I am walking around doing my workout.
9. There is NEVER a reason to strait up drop the weights on the ground from a chest high position. Ever. Slow your role and turn down the beastmode.
10. Dont offer or ask about my supplements when I'm in the middle of a set. Now is not the time.
11. Deodorant is a NECESSITY. Always.
12. If you sweat, as I do, please wipe off your equipment. Ick.
13. If I hear you putting down someone at the gym for working out, I will say something to you. Rudeness is not appreciated and I dont tolerate it. Bully, bully, everyone starts somewhere. If you are so concerned about their form, go offer some advice. Otherwise, shut it.
14. If you are doing cardio, get off your phone. Your conversation with whomever can wait. It's just not polite to everyone around you to hear all about your conversation.
15. Ladies---real women LIFT......each other up. Remember that always. We are hard enough on ourselves, we shouldnt be so hard on each other as well.
16. Yes I squat. No, its not the only thing I do. Please dont ask.
17. It's okay to say hi to me in the gym if you see me there all the time. I'll say hi back.
18. If you are lifting with a protein bar in your mouth, you might choke. That is not safe. Eat first, then lift! Practice safe workouts everyone.
19. Gym selfies--I will endorse them. You work hard, it's okay to take progress shots or videos. No judgement from me!
20. Everyone who works out and trains is doing so because they have goals. Share the love, the equipment, the weights, the smiles, and the progress. Dont ever be afraid to tell someone that they are doing good---sometimes, those little compliments that you notice how hard someone is working is just what it takes to make someones day, week, or push them to work harder :) Life is always better being kind to others.

Peace and Love all!

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    spot on !!

    (and you didn't even touch on flatulence..)
    1688 days ago
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