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P90X3 Week 9/7-9/13 (Transformation Week)

Monday, September 08, 2014

These are my workouts:

Weekly cals burned = 1218

emoticon Friday
Jacks w overhead press 3lb db - slow/fast
Lunge w/twist 3lb db
Straight leg lifts w/weight to leg 2lb db
Squat w/weight overhead 2lb db
Pick up the weight to opposite side 3lb db

Cals burned = 95

emoticon Thursday
P90X3 Day 17 Transformation week

Dynamix (15 minutes)

Push up to 1/2 sun salutation
Step backs to side plank
Mountain climbers
Tripple hops
Sumo burpees

Cals burned = 95
3 miles at lunch = 150
Total cals = 245

emoticon Wednesday
P90X3 - Day 16 Transformation Week
(counting this as Piliates - flipping Wed & Thurs bc of client training)

2.5 mile walk at lunch
Cals burned = 117

Client training 60 mins - Intervals:

8 min cardio arobics
Lunge back with curl to overhead press (7lb)
Chair with lateral raises (5lb)
Step ups - 1 min
Push up to row (7lb)
Kettlebell swings (25lb)
Kettlebell row (25lb)
In-out side step ups - 1 min
Chest press
Skull crushers
Jacks - 1 min

Yoga + Stretch
Downdog to childs pose
1/2 Sunsalutation
Sitting tree forward fold
Thread the needle
Windshield wipers
Laying twist bent knee
Cross leg forward fold to side stretch
Full body stretch
Shoulder/tri stretch

Cals burned = 202

Total cals burned = 319

emoticon Tuesday
P90X3 - Day 15 Transformation week


Modified side plank w/leg up
Straight leg lifts
Adducter leg lifts
Leg horses circle
Lizzard lunge
Lizzard lunge push up
Belly leg lift back extension
Deep lunge to straight leg stretch
Standing leg circle
Foward lunge to back lunge

Cals burned = 126

emoticon Monday
P90X Day 14 Transformation week

Plank opp arm/leg
Modified plank
Standing straight leg balance
Plank side lift
Side plank

Cals burned = 90
Lunch walk - Cals burned = 117
Total cals burned = 207

Sunday Off Day

emoticon Saturday
P90X Day 13 Transformation week


Push ups
Up down planks
Boat rolls
Chair lunge
Straight leg clocks

Cals burned = 126

emoticon Sunday was my off day, we went to the Art Fair on Saturday :-)

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