Linwood Family Fun Day 5k Race

Monday, September 08, 2014

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This weekend my friend and I joined our friend in her neck of the woods for a 5k race. We live about an hour away from this friend so we thought it would be fun to run on the weekend with her. These are the ladies I run with during the work week!

My friend Laurie picked me up bright and early at 6:00 AM to head up north. Since she picked me up at 6:00, that meant I got up around 4:30 to get everything done. (Like eating, showering, etc....) Who needs sleep on the weekend?!?! Sleeping is over rated... LOL! Not gonna lie, I could have used a few more hours but I was also excited to run!

Picture of Laurie and I in her car ready for the hour car ride.

The ride up north was nice because it gave us plenty of time to chat. I was using this race as a fun run, meaning, I didn't care how I did. Since I was relaxed with it I had zero stress or pressure. Always a great way to start a race!

We get up to the registration area and they are still setting up tables. Guess we could have slept in a tad bit longer. Oh well.....

We are finally ready to pick up our packets and then wait around for the race to begin. We met up with our friend Kathy but I also had two aunties join us as well. (Aunties by marriage....) So auntie Delores and auntie Susie joined us for the race. It was fun to be able to run a race with all these ladies!

Pre Race picture of Kathy, me, and Laurie

Pre Race picture of auntie Delores, me, and auntie Susie

The race was only about 150-200 people so it was pretty small. They didn't have chip timing so I was going to rely on my Garmin watch for the time. The race started at 8:00 and after some instructions from the coordinator they gave a us READY... SET... GO and we were off!

My friends and I started towards the front of the pack just so we didn't have to run around a lot of people. The race course started up on a road for about a quarter of a mile and then it switched to the woods. Most of the run was on trails though the woods.

Like I said... I wanted this to be a carefree run but adrenaline set in as soon as the race started and my mind went straight to race mode. I didn't want to beat my last 5k time but now somehow that was important to me. So I ended up separating from my friends and started in my zone. My... I need to beat my last time... zone.

The trails were nice, a little muddy in spots but fairly good for running. I did notice I slowed my pace down a tad being on these trails. I am a lot faster on pavement, that is for sure. I had a few men pass me up and I made it my goal to stay with that last guy that passed me. He was running at a good even pace so I tried to trail him through the woods.

Once we got out of the woods though and were back on pavement I made my move. Inching closer and closer until I was finally able to pass him. He gave me a nod as I ran past and I continued looking ahead at the next guy. He was running at a faster clip so I sped up a little until I was able to pass him as well. I passed a few other people cheering them on as they were running and yelling out the distance we were at, at the time and how much more they had to run.

I was finally on a straight path with only less than a mile to go so I upped the pace again. They had a couple playing music along this stretch so I thanked them as I passed. The song they were playing on the trumpet and saxophone was "Eye of the Tiger"... very fitting I thought.

I had a few ladies in front of me that I still wanted to pick off and pass up. So I again upped my pace and ended up passing them. It gave me even more momentum passing these runners and desire to push even more. The last 1/2 mile I started getting a little side stitch but I ignored it knowing that I was almost done. I can keep pushing... I am strong!


And I finished with a sprint across the finish line as I stopped my watch. And then a nice big smile came across my face because I had a PR (personal record). My last 5k race was 27:52 and this 5k race I ended with 27:20!

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I did it! I got another personal record and even though this was not what I was supposed to do, it felt awesome! Just goes to show that it is better for me to not have that stress and just make every race FUN!

Both my friends came in later. Laurie around 28:50 and Kathy around 29:30. Then the aunties came in around 39:00 and 45:00. They do a run/walk but I was so proud of them both as they sprinted into the finish. It was a great day for running!

After the run we headed back to my friends house for some breakfast and to relax a little. Then before making the hour ride back home we went back to the festival to walk around a bit. They had the normal festival things like mini donut stands, corn dogs, etc.... But they also had games, petting zoo, flea market, magic show, cake walk, etc...

And they had a mechanical bull!

I have always wanted to try out riding a mechanical bull so this was my chance. The guy was just setting it up so I went and purchased a ticket.

I was super nervous because I didn't want to injure myself. But also a little excited because then I can knock this off my bucket list. I was the first one to "ride the bull" and as soon as I started going to get on the thing everyone started watching. Oh man... the pressure. It was quite comical watching me get on the bull and my friend video taped the whole thing. Ahhh... black mail material. But it was fun!

I was wearing my exercise pants so it was hard to grip the bull with my thighs because my pants were making me slide. I stayed on that bull for a good few minutes until I finally fell off.

It was a fun morning/afternoon with friends! And that bull.... gave me bruises and sore thighs the next morning.

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