Sunday, September 07, 2014

Yes, it is all about me...five days normal eating and two fast days with limited calories, 500 cal per day, skipping lunch.

I have done the two intermittent fasts last Monday and Thursday. On Saturday mornings Mr Roelf is going for a long run in preparation for the half marathon. I use that time to go on a walk. We don't eat breakfast but we eat a brunch after he had his shower etc and then it is 11:30am. By that time I have a nice lunch ready.

Since the kitchen is closed after 7pm for me (my rule) I do a 16 hour fast from Friday evening to Saturday morning.

Sunday is my "confuse the body" day since it is a "free" day for me. I allow myself to eat anything I want. I find it very interesting that I keep on eating clean. Yesterday I had 6 squares of chocolate that is unusual and on a Sunday I do eat my darling husbands home baked bread.

I don't find any of this hard. When I do eat my portions are not much bigger as I am getting fuller faster. The food is just tasting so much nicer after the fast.

There is quite a bit on the Internet about Intermittent fasting. There are huge benefits for the body. I want those benefits, so I am "working" it.
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