I am on the right track...

Saturday, September 06, 2014

And feeling good.. thinking back to when I first started a healthy living journey and wanted to lose weight I just started doing it I buckled down I stopped eating the junk and eating in between meals I just started to do it and it worked... most of you now I have been struggling for some time I have decided that I need to do something what was I doing so wrong or not doing that caused me not to lose weight.. well I knew I was a little on the laxed side and it was hard to stop but I think my main down fall is carbs so I decided it was time to do a 6 weeks no carbs plan.. I decided to cut up any kind of bread, oatmeal, and carbs .. it was very hard this week, but I got threw it.. and I was worried that I would cave this weekend, which last night family ordered pizza like I knew they would but I did not partake in it. Today has been good too I have ate clean all day worked out and took the dog for a walk..

Do I feel I am on the right track? yes. and I fearful I might get off of it? oh yea but for now I am going to keep doing what I am doing because I am so amazed at my self for sticking to it and staying strong I think the longer I do the better I feel and I will stick with it longer..

Wow love this feeling ..

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