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Saturday, September 06, 2014

As I sit here I'm consciously trying to keep myself from slouching. I am a horrrrrrrible sloucher. When I'm at my laptop I slouch. When I'm working at the computer at work I slouch. It's comfortable, it doesn't take effort, I just wanna slump over and... NO. Sit up straight, dammit. So here I am, forcing myself upward every time I start to slump. I can feel it in my back, which is why I wanna slouch over... It's a shame that my "desk" is waist high and makes it impossible to sit on an exercise ball instead of an actual chair... well, barstool. My desk used to be a display counter at work, but when the leased department left they put all their furniture and displays up for sale and score, I got myself a nice waist-high sewing/crafting table. My sewing machine is on the right side, and my laptop and Cricut is on the left. I have a swivvel stool I sit on to sew and type, since I'm constantly up and down when I'm working... but I still wanna slump. Sitting up straight is supposed to engage your core and make it stronger, but... it makes my back ache. Ugh.

So, I've been avoiding sodas for the last week. Down a pound, but I'm not sure if that's from avoiding sodas or just my hormones settling back down. When I'm home I'm dragging my glass of ice water from room to room. At work, I'm constantly ducking into the breakroom to chugalug from my gallon in the fridge. At restaurants I'm ordering iced tea (and thank gawd I live in the North were UNsweet tea is readily available. I cannot count the number of times I had to order straight water at Araknsas restaurants because they couldn't wrap their heads around tea that WASN'T syrupy sweet...). And you know what? I don't really miss it. I'm a Dr. Pepper fan. Unfortunately, it's never consistent. Rarely do I get a perfect glass; always too flat or not enough kick. Mr Pibb doesn't have that problem, but many places stopped carrying it to get Dr Pepper instead. Coke is okay, but not my favorite. I dislike Pepsi, unless it's Wild Cherry; then it's tolerable. I only drink Sprite when I'm sick, and Sierra Mist gives me headaches. Diet soda gives me vicious migranes. No one carries Jones Soda around here anymore (and that bites 'cuz they have fun flavors). Hell, even Jonathan is giving up having soda in the house. He's constantly drinking soda at home and water at work and the combination and amount gives him vicious muscle cramps when he's trying to sleep.

So there's that.

Wandered around the site a couple days ago and dug up some fitness tests. Did the push-up and the crunch tests. I'm average at push ups (my chest muscles gave out after 17) and good at crunches. If I did them faster I could easily reach excellent. *lol* I feel like that one chick in the movie Keeping The Faith, the one who was trying to get Ben Stiller's character to sock her in the stomach to show how awesome her abs were.

I was also going back looking at some of my old photographs. For some reason, I look totally normal from the front, but from the back I look malformed. What gives? *lol* It's got to be an illusion. I also looked at some photos a friend of mine took three years ago while we were out hiking. Three years and 20 pounds ago. Damn I looked good. :) Can't wait to get back to that.

Hell, I can't wait to go hiking again. The weather's cooling back down again, so I may need to get together with the old roomie and see if she wants to go hiking again. Beach hiking, fernwood hiking, russ forest... yaaaassssssss...
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