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Feeling overwhelmed! HELP!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

OK I'm on the verge of having a panic attack so I thought I'd come and blog to see if it would help calm me down.

Here's what's going on: I have a great job that I love and that keeps me busy all day long. I am also, for this semester only, a full time student take a full 12 units. I'm driving 4 days a week to class and 2 of those 4 days I'm driving approximately 50 minutes one way through dark, lonely back roads and another 50 minutes back through those same roads. The other 2 days I'm only driving 30 minutes and through popular, well-lit roads. So 4 days a week I am going full speed ahead with meetings and classes. Its only week 2 of my semester and I'm already feeling overwhelmed. However the goal is that this will be my last semester in school and will be receiving my AA once its over so I dont have to go back to school in January. That's the only thing that keeps me going at this point. The classes are not difficult (yet) I think its just a time thing. I feel like I'm not doing anything else.

I think I'm using this schedule as an excuse for crappy eating and not working out. I dont like that. Its making me feel very guilty but I cant seem to break it so far. The plan is to work out in the AM, but rather than doing that I head back to bed after the hubby leaves for work. I sleep another hour and a half but then when I wake up I feel completely guilty for not working out instead. Ugh! I am just feeling extremely overwhelmed and that is not going to help anything get better.

I just needed to vent and let it out so that maybe I can get passed the excuses and do something about it.

SO moving on from the overwhelming feeling, whining, and guilt trips.... here's the plan:

* Plan my meals AND PREP those meals ahead of time so that I dont end up reaching for crap.
* Leave the appropriate T25 DVD in the player before going to bed so that its set and ready to go in the AM
* Go to bed in my workout clothes
* Keep my books and a pair of flat shoes in my vehicle so that I dont feel rushed or unprepared for school when its time to head out
* Plan out a basic housework plan so that I can get even a little bit done every day and it doesnt pile up causing me to feel overwhelmed

If there are any tips or ideas you all think would help keep me from working myself into a panic please let me know. I would really appreciate them. I am a big worrier, a nervous Nelly if you will, so its easy for me to get overwhelmed when something gets a little out of control.

Thanks for letting me vent and reading me through. Even though my weigh loss journey has not been all that successful, its great that I can always come back to my SparkPeople community and feel at home. =)
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    So how is it going? Did you stick to your plan?
    2314 days ago
    First thing - just breathe a little.

    Second - Tell yourself "It's only for ... longer..." I have used the "it's only for" all of my life whenever I have something I need to do that I don't feel like doing. Sometimes, it's short - "I am going to try to run at a 7 mph pace on the treadmill. It's only for 30 seconds." Sometimes, it's a bit longer - driving from Philly to Atlanta and I am 11 hours in to a 13 hour ride - "The amount of time I have left is only about the same as going to the movies." Other times, it has been really long term - At the end of a long, hot day on vacation years ago, when my sweaty kids wanted to be carried and I was too tired to carry them - "I only have a couple of years left where they will want me to do this," and then pick them up and carry them. Mind games, I know. But, apparently, I can fool myself. You say that you'll have your AA so you don't have to go back to school in January like it's no big deal. IT IS! Put yourself out in January and imagine looking back. Despite the hell that you are going through now, IT'S ONLY A FEW MORE MONTHS! It will all have been so worth it - like a scar that you'll want to show off. Yeah - it is hell, but you rock!

    (One thought if it were me - I would, in my case, make my wife get me out of bed telling her she only has to deal with me this miserable in the morning a few more months. Then I would take those dark back roads to school and use whatever facilities they have there - there has to be something I could use. I would definitely try to get away from my bed because I know it would keep calling my name.)

    Good luck!
    2325 days ago
    You don't really need help, looks like you know exactly what to do. As a person who procrastinates I prolong things I need to be doing only to leave the house unprepared. Since the bbq on Monday we have plenty of food to bring to lunch and I have been doing that. I got a workout in last night & this morning going to try to minimize to 30-45minutes to not over do it.

    God bless,

    2325 days ago
    I keep a calendar with me that allows me to write down what needs to be done and what time I want to do it. It can a small paper calendar or one on your phone. If I have to do a load of laundry in order to have the clothing I want to wear tomorrow, I write it down for a time when I am at home. Then I refer to the calendar when I get home and complete the item on it. I keep it with me all the time, so I can make notes as I think of them.

    Working full time and going to school full time is challenging. It sounds like you have thought it though and have a good plan to stay organized. Just keep reminding yourself why you are doing it! Good luck.
    2325 days ago
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