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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

One reason I haven't been online is my husband was off most of August. We cleared out his bedroom and moved him into the living room. We took down all the popcorn ceiling, closed up the old smaller closet and opened up the wall along one side of the bedroom for a larger closet area. He put in new insulation, and painted the room and added a secret wall safe for our soon to be new hand gun.

At one time we had another hand gun which we gave to our son Frank one year for his birthday after he turned 21. He would go and visit out other son Jory in AZ and take it out target shootings with friends. Unfortunately, a couple of years ago when our son took it with him and after everyone in the house had gone to sleep. One of the people Jory rented a room to, came and took the gun while all were sleeping and went in the backyard of the house and killed himself. The local police took the gun, of course, and were suppose to return it to Jory after the investigation. Of course he tried several times to get it returned with no luck and Frank didn't want it back anyway with those kinds of memories.

Now Jeff wants another one for us to keep, just in case. I have no problems with guns and was taught at a early age how to use, clean and instructions on safety. But I still have reservations since all the bad shootings that have taken place over the last month. Like that little 9 yr. old girl whose parents thought it was smart to let her use a uzi. Anyway enough of that.

I haven't been online because Jeff has been using my computer so much and I was ill for about a month. Of course by the time I went to the doctor I was feeling better. They did ultra sound and a Endo. without finding too much other than I have an enlarged liver. Which can cause some of the problems I was having. I was down to 172, which sounds great, except I wasn't doing much in a way to lose the weight. I couldn't finish anything I was eating and had nausea all time with some sickness. I am still having migraines all the time
and laying around not able to do much because of fatigue.

Since Aug. 20th I have had 15 aura headaches, one day I had 2 in the same day. Had one this morning when I was out walking, I continued to walk cause I was mad I keep getting the headaches and just decided I would walk even I couldn't see too well. The aura was gone after about 20 min and when I got home I took two Tylenol. I had things to do today and just decided enough was enough. I still have a slight headache but it seems I have everyday now.

Tomorrow I go back to my Rheumatologist and see what he has to say. When I went to see him on Aug. 22 I told him: "What if you don't find anything wrong with me and it's all in my mind and I am just nuts?". He said "Well, we'll let you know when your crazy and there is something wrong, we just haven't run the right tests, lol". There is one other thing that my blood work has shown over the last few months and that is my SED rate is rising. SED rates going up means some kind of infection or not. lol Hard to say with someone who has Lupus. I have my appetite back and some energy, so who knows what was really wrong with me.

So lets see, I was sick for 4 weeks, lost weight without trying and now feel better although I still have the migraines. I am sure they will want to run tests on my head. I won't go into an MRI cause I am claustrophobic and don't even like the supposed open MRI. I don't want to have anymore tests done if I don't have too. I guess they just need to run the right tests, which could go on forever, so I am not going to anything too crazy. FP doctor still wants me to have a mammogram but I haven't scheduled it yet.

OK I know I have bored all of my friends to death but did want to catch some of you up on what's been going on. xo Oh yeah I notice they changed some things here on SP, see what happens when you've been gone a month. lol

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    Good to see you back, Teri! emoticon emoticon
    1917 days ago
    Well, just now I was feeling sorry for myself, but you honey, made me feel better! I guess that is not a compliment since you've had so many issues of late! I sure hope they can calm those migraines down, but sounds like you have some power over them yourself! So sad about the handgun. And, it is just crazy to have a 9 year old using an uzi! Sorry, don't even know how to spell that word! Just remember that tragedy and stupidity make the news headlines and there are many folks out there with guns, handguns, rifles, etc. to whom no tragedy that is gun related have affected! You know, it's not guns that kill people and all that..... Here's to you feeling better! PS I personally do not like the new layout here on SP! Harder for me as a blind user to navigate! Feel well soon!
    1918 days ago
  • _LINDA
    So very sorry you have been so sick :-(( Second that on trying the open MRI. You need to have anything serious ruled out as the cause of the migraines. They are awful to suffer through. I hope this latest reno gets done quickly without any complications. Is this finally the last one to be done?
    Was great hearing from you, take care of yourself!
    1919 days ago
    Welcome back and good luck on the bedroom project.
    1919 days ago
  • JAMER123
    Hi Teri!
    I am with Chris on her comment. But then you know nurses! We give out suggestions and sometimes don't follow our own thoughts :-) But do think about it. But for now I am glad you are finally feeling better.
    Sounds like a wonderful room you are redoing. Are you about done with remodeling or is there more? You are going to have a very lovely home when done.
    1919 days ago
    The new bedroom sounds great! I would love to see pictures! That is terrible about the gun, my goodness, who would have thought that would happen?

    I have no clue about your medical problems, but I think I would have the open MRI, to see what is causing the headaches. It may save your life.......Please consider letting the doctors take a look. it is an amazing thing, and allows them to see the finest details without surgery.

    Yes, lots of Spark People changes, not all of them are bad, this time! emoticon
    1919 days ago
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