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Report on Two New Fitness Classes

Sunday, August 31, 2014

My niece invited me to join her at the Y today for the two one-hour classes that are offered on Sunday: Les Mills' Body Pump and Les Mills' Body Flow. So I decided I should be adventurous and try a session of each.

The Body Pump class uses barbells and hand weights to add challenge to squats, lunges, rows, presses, lifts and curls. Our group uses a step- aerobisc step covered with a mat to serve as an exercise bench. My biggest concern was that I not overdo and get too sore. I do want to run tomorrow. So I used very light weights and at times even went to body weight. I won't know until tomorrow if I guessed right on the level to workout. Hoping to be sore enough to know I did something without being so sore it interferes with my ability to move tomorrow. We'll see. I generally liked the pace of the class, the positive instructor, and the music. My least favorite part was when we laid down on our "benches" because then I couldn't see what the instructor was doing. I felt like I kept straining my neck to see. So if my neck is sore tomorrow it may not be the program, but the trying to see what to do. The instructor was probably age 30 and the average age of the class I'd guess at 38, and there were some big guys using big weights. I was definitely the oldest person in the class. The instructor, though, greatly overestimated the number of calories burned in her hour class. She said 500-600. I'd say I burned 120, but there were people who burned considerably more than I.

Here's the web site description of the program should you be interested:

The Body Flow class had a totally different feel to it. The music was peaceful. The instructor stated that the program was based on tai chi, yoga, pilates, and balance work. There were half dozen people who did both classes and I liked that the Body Pump instructor joined us in the Body Flow class. I recognized downward dog, bridges, child pose, warrior pose, sun salutations, and some of the pilates core work. It seemed to me, though, that the things that were really challenging in the Body Flow class were almost all things that I could not do. For example, repeatedly she told us while we were in downward dog to move a leg between your arms, but I could not do it. So I'm not sure how much I got out of it. The one good thing was that my niece said when she started she couldn't do that move either and now it is no problem for her. So maybe there is hope! The average age of this group was more like 55 and there were several woman near my age in it. I did find it relaxing. Both classes did core work, so if my abs are sore I won't know which one to thank!

Should you want to read more about Body Flow:

I usually won't be able to go on Sunday because I have the grandkids and there is no child care available at the Y on Sundays. I see that there are BodyPump classes seven days a week and BodyFlow classes a couple times. I very well may try again. I'm honored that my niece wanted me to join her. She is also wanting me to do a spin class and that would sure be something else new to me. When our schedules permit, I just might have to try that, too.
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