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Friday, August 29, 2014

Quite honestly, I thought the breaking news about Hello Kitty would be the most shocking thing I would hear today. Nope, not even close. The most shocking thing came from my coach's lips when he said, "OK, now we are going to run as fast as we can down to that tree."


Did he say run?

Seriously? He thinks I can run?

Truth be told, I thought he was crackers, and I am not saying that it would be the first time I thought that (and probably not the last.) But, I thought about it. Can I run? When was the last time I might have done that? I will probably fall or trip and fall. This is a bad idea. All of these things and more went through my head.

I got a bit anxious, and told him I was afraid.

I don't remember specifically what he said then, but he lets me feel the feeling but not back down from doing it. I tell myself I am going to try it anyway. It feel really weird at first. I know I have not done this in a very long time. I thought I had forgotten how to run. I push down the feeling when I am moving that it sucks, that I am sucking at it. I whisper to myself I am not going to judge my movements; I am just going to go and I keep going.

To any other human besides me and Hadley, it might have looked like, "what the heck was that?" In that moment though, behind the building, I didn't care. I was moving in what amounts may be to a pre-run (my term for it) but I felt unbelievably good and happy in doing it.

I am feeling exhausted right now, but still smiling. Work has been a rough week, but I left there on a positive note today. I have to go back in the early morning for a volunteer duty, which I do genuinely love. This night's workout gave me some peace and hope in my heart. So much of it goes back to my coach who not only understands me, but uplifts and encourages me in a way that only he can.

I am taking my own advice, and starting from where I am. I getting it done, step by step, run by run. Every little thing is going to be all right.

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