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Friday, August 29, 2014

I was like a giddy little girl all morning long. Why? Because my oldest son Jacob who is starting high-school this year joined Cross-Country and was running his first race of the season.

I ran cross-country in high school... it was the only sport I participated in during those years. My first year I tried hard at the races but I wasn't really the athletic person that I feel I am today. I was more there for social reasons more than anything. Fast forward to today and my passion is strong for the sport.

I started running back in 2008 as I participated in my first 5k race. It was a super high for me to run the whole thing without stopping and to prove that all my training was paying off. I kept going strong and ended up running numerous races including a half marathon and even running up to 15 miles! (Marathon is still in my thoughts... I will one day!)

I have always included my family in my running. Asking the kids if they want to run along with or seeing if they will cheer me on at my races. I share my stats with them, how my training is going, etc... all because I am so passionate about it, I just love to talk about it.

So when my oldest said he was joining cross-country I was very excited.

He started his training on August 12 with the team and has been running everyday (except for weekends) for training. Today was the first race and also the qualifier for who was going to run on Varsity. Now he is only a freshman so I told him that he may have to run JV but he has been doing really awesome with his training runs. He even ran an 8 miler on Monday so he has it in his head that he WILL make varsity this year.

I couldn't attend his race today because it was held at 10:00 AM and I had to be at work. But the hubby went and he promised to video tape it for me and also text me his times and such.

Yes, I am a nerd that LOVES to record data... especially if it is running stats.

I could not sit still all morning long just waiting for 10:00 AM to come. Finally I received my first text saying "And their off.....". Immediately my heart starts pounding faster going into adrenaline mode. I had goose bumps all morning too. I sat there at my desk just staring at my phone... waiting for another text.

Hubby texted again with the time of the first boy in. Not sure of the school but he came in at 16:09. A time for Jacob to yearn to achieve one day.

Waiting.... Waiting.... Waiting....

emoticon emoticon UGH... I am not a patient person. LOL!

FINALLY... the text I was waiting for reads, "21:17 from what I could see while taping with the camera".


I immediately get even more goose bumps and now my stomach is churning and I text my hubby back needing to know... what number did he come in from his own school?

He texts back saying 3rd! Holy Smokes... my son is fast! Coming in 3rd from his team at his very first race is just so awesome. Running a 5k in 21:17 is even more amazing. And now... this freshman will be on varsity which is even more awesome.

It took me a while to calm down. I wasn't there at the race but it sure felt like I was. It just goes to prove how much I love this sport. How much I love the passion that goes into putting those miles in or running those races. My husband thinks I am a dork but I don't care... I love it and I love that now my son can share in my passion as well.

I can't wait to cheer him on at these next races. He is going to improve even more and probably shave some more time off his racing time now that he has this first race under his belt. He still has time to... 4 years to improve! I can't wait!

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