August 28, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I enrolled at Ashford University again, instead of going to the local college who had me down for 6 classes, my first semester. I much prefer the one-class-at-a-time scenario over the traditional style of learning. I'm going to be studying Applied Behavioral Science and I'm hoping these next 4 years go by fast.

I went and got a new, free interviewing outfit from Dress for Success out of Cincinnati. I may have to pick up a part-time job soon, depending on how our money situation flies, and they hooked me up with slacks, two shirts, a blazer, a necklace, a pair of dress shoes, and a purse. They also fed us lunch. The brownies were awesome... which leads me to my next topic.

Folks, I'm about to smack myself upside the head a few times if I don't get a grip on my eating habits! My weight has skyrocketed again, and I have no one to blame but me. We're talking, I'm fewer than 10 pounds away from 300 again. That's just ridiculous for me! I have no valid reason for why I have allowed myself to obviously continue eating more, much more than I should. I need an intervention!

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    emoticon you signed up for college!! I can totally see you working with people. You have such a gentle and kind heart! emoticon you got a couple of outfits for work too!! I know what you mean about being out of control! I keep gaining and losing the same 10lbs since I joined Spark in October!! I feel like an idiot sometimes. But, negative talk doesn't get us anywhere. It's up to us to be successful. I know for me I have to take a little at a time. I keep telling myself that I will eat junk food in small servings. I know it doesn't work and I bring it home anyway. All I do is gain weight then get mad at myself. I haven't had any junk in the house this week and I've lost weight. That tells me I cannot have it in the house. Since I've started driving again I've also started going back to the gym. I've only been doing the treadmill, between 25-35min, I wish it was more but at least it's a start. You can do this Teresa!!! YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! God wants His best for you and me but we have to do our part. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2451 days ago
    Sandy is absolutely right, only you can make the choice and take control of your life. Start by committing to 10 + minutes of walking daily and tracking your daily food intake good and bad choices like it is the Holy Grail. This way you will see where your mistakes are coming from. If you know you are going to be out for a meeting the next day and will not have time for a healthy meal or snack. Prepare one ahead of time and place it in your purse, so you will not be tempted by brownies and that includes putting a bottle of water in your bag as well. Don't get caught of guard, always be prepared. No one else is going to do it for us we have to take care of us. Remember these same people that put out these unhealthy snacks at these events are also the ones that usually complain about us obese, over weight people. Yet they never think to prepare a healthy snack for all of us, just something quick and easy like junk food. So if we don't take care of us no one else will. Always plan ahead. God Luck!
    2451 days ago
  • RHOOK20047
    My wife contributes to that organization. Great place. Don't beat yourself up. Start over. Start logging your food and exercise if you aren't doing it. The daily accountability will stop you from making too many bad food choices. If your going to have a brownie, okay add a 15-20 minute walk to burn off those useless calories. You can do it. We all have stumbled and had to bet back on track. You can do it also. We are all here to help you! Have a great weekend. This weekend I am eating no meat unless it is grilled. A little places to start!
    2451 days ago
    I hope you enjoy your new class!

    Dress For Success is an excellent group. It really helps women who need a boost to get a good job.

    I am trying to reign it in too on the diet front and increase my exercise. It's hard.
    2451 days ago
  • SANDY1969
    I really shouldn't comment much, I ate at McDonalds last night on the way home. My stomach was about to eat my brain. Thats how it feels when the low calorie headache comes on.

    The fact that you think you need an intervention got me thinking. Only you can make the decision to either go for it or not. It took me 40 years to acknowledge myself, my WHOLE self and what I'd done to my body. I can't even imagine what it's like to go from point A to B then back to A and then struggle again. Id like to think when I get where Im going I wont let anything drag me down again but it happens every day.

    All I can say is take it one day, even 1 hour at a time. Stop focusing on Sparkpeople or groups or being a cheerleader for others and start thinking about you. Get a routine down and DO it.

    I tell myself every time I get on my bike or treadmill (which I hate) 5 minutes down and that's 5 minutes no one can take away from me...do another 5. It's only time. Yes Im sweaty and this is boring and Im basically lazy in the only area that it truly counts in (taking care of myself) but Im going to do this!

    2451 days ago
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