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Really, it's been a year?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Seriously, I didn't realize that it's been a year since my last blog post here...

I did this one for somewhere else, and thought it was funny enough to bring to this site too....

So, just got home last night from 4 solid days of 'fun' at work. Seriously, it wasn't that bad, I enjoy my job. Things went well, nothing broke, and the flights were generic and boring. In my line of work, that's a good thing.

Praise whoever decided to put caffiene in Crystal Light. You have been my savior this week. I don't do coffee, my tummy is not a fan, and as we know from my last post, I'm trying to get off the soda train. I've been successful for another round of work. There were no red-eyes this trip, however, the 4:30 AM wake up calls take a different sort of toll. Hence, the caffienated Crystal Light.

I have been drinking more water. A LOT more water. Absolutely hitting that 8 8oz glasses a day thing. And it's been good. The only time it wasn't enough? When I decided to walk to Target from our hotel. It's only a mile and half, right? That's nothing! Right? So what if it's all uphill? Shouldn't be a problem. Except it was Texas. In August. It was 103 degrees. Humid. I'm a dumb a$$. Leisurely walk to Target? I also don't know who invented Air Conditioning, but I stood in the doorway at Target looking like a man dying of thirst must look like upon entering an aquarium. I would have fallen on my knees to the patron saint of Air Conditioning had I not thought that some eager Target employee would have called paramedics for me.

Would you believe that I walked to Target because I was looking for a swimsuit so that I could enjoy the hotel pool since I had forgotten to pack mine? How ironic. I wanted to swim when I was drowning in sweat.

I called the hotel van to come pick me up. They were nice enough to oblige...and Ramon brought me 2 16oz bottles of water. I think I might have waterboarded myself trying to drink them.

One final thought about giving up soda. What am I supposed to mix my rum with now?
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