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Dilemma: "wake-up" pic while pregnant! Help!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

We're almost back from an awesome weekend in and around Pittsburgh for a good friend's wedding! (Well, another 2 hours through Indiana.) The informal reception at a beautiful park was fun, and it was great to see our friend and finally meet his bride! (My husband has met her and has seen our friend more recently, but I was at work the last two times they blew back through Chicago.) And we got to share the news of my pregnancy!

But here's my super-sad moment that I just can't shake: I am shocked by how fat I look in the photo of us all together that my husband just posted to Facebook! emoticon And the kicker is I have only gained about five pounds so far during this pregnancy, so it's not even that!

I have been upset/annoyed/disappointed that I had gained back nearly 15 pounds before I even got pregnant and was majorly struggling just to maintain there (hungry all the time), let alone get it back off. But somehow I didn't think it was THAT bad. In the surprise pic from today, yes, my middle is looking rounder. And I'm OK with that. But also my arms are huge again and my face is WAY rounder too!! emoticon Plus I am sure the guilt over having not exactly eating well all weekend is not helping. At one point I started scarfing down cinnamon-sugar almonds (that of course I never should have bought anyway) in self-pity! I have not behaved that way with food in ages.

Sigh. So I'm faced with a huge dilemma! I'm really unhappy about this, and if I weren't pregnant it would serve as my wake-up call to buckle down, slash my calories and work my butt off again. But NOW what am I supposed to do? (Mind you, I'm already biking nearly 50 miles a week still, even pregnant.)

Can I start strength training again now? Truthfully it's been well over a year since I've done ANY with regularity. And my midwife is only OK with the cycling because I am already used to it -- they evidently don't want you to beef UP your workouts during pregnancy unless you were completely sedentary before.

I bought prenatal yoga and Pilates DVDs, which are waiting to be opened, which I'm sure will help me feel better, but not less fat. emoticon

So, um...HELP! Did any of you moms out there do Leslie Sansone's more rigorous workouts (including light weights) while you were pregnant? I'm thinking I could start back at just 15 minutes per morning?

And don't even get me started on my new obsession with whether I made the right decision to drink a cup of coffee nearly every day so far. emoticon I had sliiiiiiightly more this weekend, because of my travel exhaustion, than I've been allowing. And now I'm guiltily rethinking what I thought has been a moderate approach so far. (The research is all over the place, but my midwife did OK one cup of day -- but at first I didn't realize that even 3/4 full my usual mug was probably bigger than it should have been.)

So I'm a little sad that a great trip -- so rare for us! we are never able to go anywhere -- is being a bit clouded by my sadness and disappointment over those darn pictures. I really have not been able to let it go since I saw them.
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  • GHK1962
    Ok ... so I'm so not going to be able to give any kind of advice on what kind of exercises to do while pregnant, or about eating. I just want you to do things safely and healthy ... but i also want you to feel good about yourself. Hopefully some of the others gave you advice that you can use.

    I would like to say that I know Little G will have an awesome mom.
    1333 days ago
    You are beautiful. We are our own worst critics. Try to love that inner critic and focus your energy on the positive ... Living healthy... one day at a time, while you grow new life within.

    Try to enjoy your pregnancy.

    Love you!

    1333 days ago
    I would say the same - watch the sodium, sugar, processed foods. They are the problem. You are going to gain weight while pregnant and it is not an indication of how you will look afterwards. Just eat healthy and get some walking in and try not to worry.
    1333 days ago
  • IRP1114
    I'm sorry you are feeling this way right now : (. We all have those moments when we see a picture and we just can't be happy with it/ourselves in it.
    It is not easy to get over I know. But you will. You have so many positive things you can try to focus your attention on. The best thing you can do for you and your little one is to not over stress things! Stop thinking so much about your weight/exercise/food. When you do think of it do it in a positive way. Think of keeping your body strong enough to keep riding your bike the way you like to! Pilates sounds great. It will help you stay and get stronger for the delivery too. As far as weight and food if your eating in ways you know are nourishing you and your baby, the weight will be just as it should be. Please try to enjoy your pregnancy! emoticon
    1333 days ago
    Ditch the sugar, babe. Seriously. If you are looking bloated there could be two (nutritional) reasons. 1.) Sugar 2.) eating foods that are inflammatory (lots of grains and meat). A thrid reason could be sodium and that is easily corrected by staying out of restaurants and staying away from packaged foods.
    I wouldn't worry about additional exercise. 60% of weight loss/control has to do with what you eat. Control what you eat and get a lot of sleep and hydrate.
    P.S. I wanna be your Facebook friend!
    1333 days ago
    Don't even think about fixing it all with exercise. But you're on the right track there, and you've found some good options. Water aerobics? That's good too.
    Focus on what you eat; eat only real foods. Lose the processed food. You're growing a person who deserves the best.
    I know you can do this! emoticon
    1333 days ago
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