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Sunday, August 24, 2014

I just went back and re read my blogs when I first joined Spark.. they where so full of hope and inspiration and motivation by my self.. and the responses from members some still here some not.. where so inspiring .. I was on top of my game or at least I thought I was.. maybe I was.. So your asking am I on top of my game now?
NO... I don't feel it..I feel kind of like I am going through the motions.. and not really working it.. OK I am in sales.. I sold houses for 5 years and I was very very good at it very competitive and very on top of my game.. I had to be or I did not make money.. I was always doing my "homework" to become an expert on the market.. I read books, I listened to other agents I watched other agents.. I enlisted in a couple of coaches to help with my sales.. and followed their advice to a Teee. and that is what worked for me.. I felt I had to be One step beyond everyone.. and I was.. or at least I think I was.. was there someone better then I ? yes. was there other agents who sold more then I ? oh yea.. but I wanted to be like them, I watched them and I followed what they did. and it worked..

The Day I joined spark and set up everything and read a lot of stuff I decided to apply the same attitude to my program.. and it worked.. it really worked tried to be one step ahead of me.. and my emotional eating.. I did what ever it took, I read... and re read arterials.. blogs. posts, recipes everything that spark had to offer.. I joined teams got into challenges.. started a team. too.. lead some teams.. really dove into it..
besides spark.. I ate clean everyday. planned out my meals, packed healthy lunch for work.. went to the gym, walked, rode my bike.. and got 8 hours sleep.. I was happy and the weight it came off..

Now I think the honey moon is over.. I don't have the same vigor and drive like I did I don't sell real estate any more I got out when the market went south and I need to get a job.. I now work in sales again and I love it keeps me going it keeps me on my game.. and I do enjoy this job a lot..

as for my program.. I am struggling.. well not struggling I am like I said going through the motions.. and feeling like I should be doing more or something different.. the weight has stopped coming off. I gain more then I lose.. one week up 1 next week down 1 one week up 2 one week no loss it goes on and on and on..
One thing for sure is I still use the tools, the tracking, the reading, the blogs and members.. thank God for members who support me and encourage me.. because I am not sure where I would be if I did not have that..

So is it still exciting ? but of course.. I may not feel excited at times.. but I know that this is life and life has its ups and downs.. but that is what makes it exciting

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    For me, I think I need more challenges to get the ball rolling again. Or the scale moving down....
    Usually we've done mileage challenges and have gotten good results. I haven't had any mileage challenges this year. I think it's time to start one!
    2345 days ago
    I think going through the motions is important when you seem to have lost your "spark". I'm in that place now myself, but it's getting better a little at a time.

    You did a good thing in looking at your past blogs too. You can see how your state of mind was at the time when you were doing so well. You can also feel a little more confident about your success.

    It sounds like you've had some stress in terms of your job situation too, but that's looking up too -- you are back to doing something you love.

    emoticon emoticon
    2345 days ago
    emoticon emoticon Such an honest thought provoking blog and such great comments and advice from everyone too. Thanks for sharing!

    For most of us, it's never easy at least for long For me it's about reading books and blogs that encourage me to continue to try to find strategies and habits that will work for me at this time.

    It's also about hanging as tough as I can to not to gain back what I've lost during my weak or challenging times. Which is now. I've done this way too many times. I try to focus on the positive things I've done and am doing and to minimize the negatives.

    I am currently trying to get back under a line that I have drawn for myself. As a Spark Buddy wisely said, "It's time to stop the madness." emoticon emoticon Never quit just keep taking one step at a time and one day at a time. emoticon
    2345 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/26/2014 11:57:19 AM
    I hear you! I'm in an up and down phase myself. We just need to keep reading and learning and finding what works for us - and - how to sustain it. Not rocket science, but somedays it feels like that.
    2346 days ago
    CRAZYDOG is so right about the honeymoon phrase. At Weight Watchers we talk about the "new member glow" lol! We do have to dig deep every day. Maintenance is hard no doubt about it. We surround ourselves with positive people and activities to keep the ball's what we do to keep on going. It's better than the alternative! emoticon
    2346 days ago
    Hope you will have a good day and will get all of that old excitement back again. You are so much worth every effort you put into achieve your goals. emoticon
    2346 days ago

    I love your honesty. It is so refreshing.

    I posted this link on our team discussion board, but will post it here for you, too. It's the little things that add up and give us confidence to try the bigger things.

    2347 days ago
    You know, I think you nailed it when you said that the honeymoon is over! That's what happens in life, in any relationship. Then it's about finding ways to get comfortable with the more routine feelings that go along with the honeymoon being over.

    Fake it till you feel it is a start. But we have to dig deeper. I had to do more emotional work on this journey than physical! Seems odd, doesn't it!? But that's the truth!

    I find reading blogs is very inspiring. It's all about finding what sparks that inspiration and motivation in yourself.

    Getting down and dirty with ourself isn't easy, but that's what it's all about.

    2347 days ago
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