I seem to have encountered a plague of rudeness this weekend. Wonder what is going on with that?!?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

It all began last night. Being an event planner, I stay on site during each event to make sure things run smoothly. Last night was only the start of a truly bad series of events....

The wedding reception started off well enough and then after only a half hour I realize the bridesmaids are completly trashed. The groom was the only sober one at the event. "Well, it happens", I think to myself, but then I realized that the bride changed into a barely there tank top and SWEATPANTS!!!!!!!!
I'm horrified.
...and realize that the evening is going down a shame spiral at an incredible rate.
The shrieking coming from the ladies room is ungodly!
Alcohol does BAD things.
I got to investigate thinking one of the bridesmaids might have fallen considering the levels of alcohol I saw many of them consume. I enter the ladies and find we have hair pulling...

A full on cat fight.
I tell them to tone it down or I am bringing in the police officer who lives on site.
By this point I am at my limit.
They don't pay me nearly enough to deal with this. Granted 99% of my weddings are classy affairs where people don't get out of control.

By this point I am so ready to go home. "Only 50 more minutes", I am thinking to myself. What more could happen? Yeah. Famous last words. As soon as I think that something makes a loud thud in the ladies. I go to check it out. More fighting although this one has drunken groomsmen thrown in. I call the police officer....He scares them all half to death and the bride is giving them all the death glare. While she is kinda trashy and completely blitzed at least she is just having a good time. I really feel badly for her that her friends are so out of control.

So, as per the contract, in order to get the deposit back they have to sweep the floors, make sure the bathrooms are in order, do a full kitchen clean up and take out all trash. The bride knows this, the groom knows this. I even remind all couples of this the week before. I walk into the ballroom and the place is a MESS! "This clean up is going to be epic", I think to myself. Karma is good! And apparently quite swift. So, I then, at the bride's behest, make an announcement that they have 30 minutes before closing. The bride then chimes in that they have to clean everything or they will be charged overtime. THAT got them moving! However, the bride and groom did not share this tidbit with their bridal party prior to the event so there were a lot of choice words being flung about and one of them even called me a Nazi! His wife was mortified and kept apologizing...especially after I informed her I was more than offended being Jewish and all. Lovely end to the evening....

I get in this morning bright and early to tackle some paperwork before heading out of town next month and there was a car parked across the driveway in front of the historic mansion. I politely asked the gentleman sitting on the front porch if that was his car. When he said yes I told him it was a fire lane and would be please move it to the parking lot. He smiled and said. "Sure thing!"

Not a moment later the woman he was with, perhaps his wife, started screaming at me, "What did you say to him?!?!" I replied, that I asked him to relocate the vehicle to the parking lot because it is a fire lane. She then demanded "NO ONE IS HERE!! I DON'T SEE ANYONE!! NO ONE IS F*CKING HERE!!" and started walking rather quickly towards me with her rather large dog NOT ON A LEASH (we have a leash law here for a reason) heading right for me. I mentioned at this point, as I go inside the office, we have a police officer here who could explain the fire codes if she'd like. Mainly I said this because she was being quite nasty to me and the large dog made me uneasy to say the least. If she has simply told me they were parked there because the gentleman was disabled and had difficulty walking I would have just let it go, but instead she launched into a tirade. Then she got in the car, drove like a speed demon around the tear drop several times screaming, "BETTER WATCH THE DAMN SPEED LIMIT!!" and drove off.

Later on she called and I went to transfer her to the Museum Director's voicemail so she could vent and complain, but accidentally hit both "archival" and "James" by accident and the call ended up going not sure where. When she called back I apologized, explained what occurred and offered to send her to his voicemail. She said she would email so she KNOWS it will get there and then she hung up.

This is my weekend.

Monday can't come fast enough.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post

    Sorry if I brought up a bad memory.
    1482 days ago
    I can just picture that wedding - OMG, that should have been on TV!!!!!
    1574 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    Seriously. I thought the South was famous for its manners.

    I had a problem with one of our neighbors letting their yappy bitey little dog out without a leash to do its business. After getting bit on the shoe, I called the cops.
    1574 days ago
    Oh. My. God. I'm sorry but I was laughing about the hillbilly wedding party too. LOL! And wow, that other woman needs to calm the eff down! Poor you...I noticed rudeness seems to come in clusters. When it rains it pours I guess. Have a good day sweetie, kill them with kindness!
    1575 days ago
    Girl... I was cracking up at this and I am so sorry that you had to go through this but some people are toooooo freaking much and you got wrapped up in way too much crazy! Picturing that cat fight had me in stitches!!!!!!! Hopefully that moon phase or whatever you ran into this weekend is moving out!
    1575 days ago
    WOW - All I can say is WOW!!!! I know weddings are stressful and crazy - But this is insane!!!!! There is no reason in the world for people to behave so badly!!! emoticon
    1576 days ago
  • RAINA413
    Ha!! Ha!! Ha!! PICKIE98, your comments made me laugh so hard!! Thank you for making my day!
    1576 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Not to be a smarty pants, BUT do you plan gypsy weddings????????? This whole story just proves one thing:Money does not CLASS, make.
    I do not know you, but am glad you put the disclaimer about 99% of your events being okay.. If not, I would say you are a highly paid masochist!! Poor thing!!
    Wait until they get a gander of the videos later on!! Can you imagine showing that to your children later on???????

    The breeding class really shone through when that person called you a Nazi. The only good part of that statement is that hopefully, they feel the same way you do about Nazis....

    I will apologize here for that person,,for being an unthinking human being,,no, I am not Jewish, but feel badly that this epithet was aimed at you.

    This clan sounds like the worst redneck possum party ever... I hope you do divorce parties too, you could double-up on this group!! Pass your business cards out at the wedding to get an early appointment for the D-party! emoticon
    1576 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/24/2014 3:38:32 PM
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