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The Ball Is Rolling In The Right Direction...

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

But I'm trying to make sure the ball won't crush me! emoticon

emoticon I don't like to count my chickens before they're hatched, so I'm trying to be extra careful here! emoticon It's not that I really believe I am actually going to jinx it... I just know that sometimes when things are going well, something unexpected can pop up and throw me off my game!

But Friday I completed my first great day in almost 2 weeks! My full-blown-no-nonsense-get-bac
k-to-business-day was slated for Saturday. I knew good and well there was nothing special about Saturday, but it was farther away than Friday so it sounded great! emoticon Then I thought, just for giggles, I could TRY to make Friday my first good day on track. I tracked all my food before I went to bed, and posted a status that I would try to eat what I said I would, even if it killed me! ;) Tracking ahead of time is only a great tool if you actually follow through.

Well things started off well, but then on the way home I REALLY wanted to eat some nasty Jack In The Box. emoticon The emoticon voice inside me said "You said you were gonna start on Saturday! Why do we have to start a day early? Let's enjoy our last moment of freedom and eat EVERYTHING!" I can not lie to you, I aimed the car in the direction of Jack In The Box instead of my house... I even made it one street farther. In my head, the deed was already done. I hadn't even purchased the food, but my mind had already decided this was happening! As I approached the next stop light, I said to myself "You can still go home, you don't HAVE to do this." I said it out loud, and I turned left and went home.

Something that was such a small victory turned my whole day around. It went from being a potential disaster to being an outstanding day! I came home, made lunch and tracked everything. After overeating for 2 weeks, I am accustomed to large amounts of food. So while I was adjusting to eating normally, I felt very hungry. But I dealt with it and the day was a success! emoticon

Today (Saturday) was day #2 and it has gone well and I intend to finish out the night strong. I work graveyard shifts, so my "day" will end in about 5 hours. But I have tracked everything and will be well within my range. There was a part of me that wanted to "be bad" today... and then I thought to myself "Day 1 was SUCH a struggle, I don't want to have to do Day 1 again!" So the only reason I am sticking to it is so that I don't have to do that dreaded day 1 again. Hey, whatever works, right?! emoticon Day 1 and Day 3 are the hardest for me. I think by Day 3 I am just in the "I want to eat something awful" phase, and Day 1 is hard for me just because it's hard for me to commit to getting started.

So with 2 good days under my belt, I will be heading into dreaded Day 3, but I am armed with all sorts of tools as I head into battle! Hopefully I can slay the dragon and keep the ball rolling in the right direction, without getting clobbered! emoticon

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