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Friday, August 22, 2014

DH and I drove to Stockton Springs Maine.
I always love the little restaurant there and it is right on rote 3 heading us up to Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor.
Coincidence when I first saw the little place it is in Stockton Springs Maine and both DH and I were born in Stockton-On-Tees England.

TERRI and STEVE were waiting for us and another surprise was MERRILEE. I was not expecting her so I was delighted. She is a Zumba instructor and so is TERRI but I have never even heard a song and never have seen the dances so I was at a loss when they asked me to join the group in the afternoon.

TERRI and I are into Light Houses and there at Stockton Springs is a light they had not visited. I and DH had visited it in our Light house courses from Senior College.

After eating a good meal we drove over and walked the grounds.



This light house is a private home. We can walk the grounds but not look inside since they purchased it before people wanted them to be public places. Many are and we love them.
This one is a SQUARE light house and it guards the mouth of the Penobscot river.


The bell is outside and the wooden Bell house is like a pyramid, I cannot find that picture but the bell is huge. The structure is wood and to ring the bell in foul weather someone inside has to pull a rope to make the heavy clapper sound.
Sometimes there were times when the Keeper and his wife needs some help. Their big dog was trained to pull the bell cord back and forth till a human took it over again.

THE BELL is a distance away from the house.

It is a beautiful Bell it appears to be well taken care of. It is protected with the canopy.

The House from the back has a lovely garden and someone makes wooden ornaments .

I liked this wooden CHURCH.

Even their MAIL BOX.

Another very important building is the OIL HOUSE.

Barrels of oil had to be hand carried, usually on their shoulders. Often the wife had to bring up the oil from the delivery boat and they had to climb up the steep rocky path. if the keeper has to attend the light is dangerous times.

There was a FORT POWNALL built here, alas only the foundation is evidence it was here.

After we had explored the site we went to Belfast to the YM CA to do the Zumba class.
I was invited to join in but as soon as the unaccustomed music I was in a bit of a panic. I wanted to get out of the room there was a small class and they were all friendly. I was still stumbling over my feet. I began to get the beat of the music so I did a "Lesley Sansonne "instead. I just walked in place and when we left the building I had over 10,000 steps.
Now My shoulders are hurting so I will do the rest tomorrow.
I am getting worried how it ill look in the blog. I am also afraid of losing it after all of this work. Pat in Maine.
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