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Back to School - Back on Track

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Friday, August 22, 2014

For me, the start of the school year feels more like New Year’s Day, than the actual New Year’s Day. Something about a fresh start and a clean slate, new pencils and all that. Back to school also means back on a regular schedule for me, and that’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes, I want to fight the clock during those early morning wake-up calls. And sometimes, it’s frustrating to have to drop everything, to go pick up kids from school. But it’s super easy to find the silver lining there. Early mornings mean Bubba and I can get our morning walk in sooner, so my day ends up being more productive. And this week, I’ve added strength training back into the mix. I’d been away from it over the summer, so I’m easing back into it and it feels great. Today is Day 1230 of my exercise streak. WooHoo!

Taking Audrey to and from school is its own silver lining. She just started her Freshman year in High School, so this might be the last year or so that I take her. Soon, she’ll be driving herself. I enjoy those moments with her in the car, every day. I’d post a first day of school pic, but I promised not to take one this year. Sigh. Remember when Audrey was in all of my vlogs and I said I was enjoying it, because I knew it wouldn’t last forever? Yup, she definitely reached that point and I’m respecting her privacy. Enjoy the moments and be ready to move on to the next one, preferably without kicking and screaming.

What Bubba looks like, while Audrey is at school. “Hey lady, stop working and play with me!”

So, Audrey is a Freshman and Logan turned 20 this week. Big week for our house! Logan has been lamenting the loss of his youth. He thinks life is basically over, once you become an adult. I keep assuring him that he’s barely begun and there’s a ton of good stuff happening now and just around the corner. He is the Eeyore to my Tigger. Look, here he was as a little guy, with our first bulldog, named Phyllis. Fast-forward to today with Manboy and his dog. (He’s oblivious to the fact that I have a blog, so he doesn’t really care what I do. I’m just happy I got a picture at all. He Who Shall Not Smile.)

Proud of this hardworking, young man.

Another area I’m getting back on track with is lunches/snacks. Remember how I said I was going to start packing a stash to have at work, so I wouldn’t grab something to eat on the way home, or binge-eat when I finally got home? Well, I did it. I have a little stash of healthy snacks in the fridge at work and I’ve already dipped into it once. It saved the day yesterday, when I wasn’t able to get home for lunch. Next step, freeze some wraps at work and create a snack stash for the car. WORKDAY PREPPERS UNITE!

Stash, next to communion trays--occupational hazard :)

Early morning workouts-check, strength training-check, freezer meals-check, work stash-check. I think I’ll start seeing positive results on the scale in the next couple of months. As always, I remain optimistic! I hope you are too!

I will leave you with some unrelated photos, because that’s what I do. Audrey finished painting her room, so she was finally able to install a special decal that Shelley (BFF) made for her two years ago. We’re not the quickest DIY people… Shelley makes decals for a living, so her stuff is really cool.

This is made with chalkboard vinyl, so Audrey can doodle all over it, using chalkboard markers. She’s having a lot of fun with it.

A lot of my friends are artists; many of them are visual artists. Not only does Shelley have her own business, she has an art studio in her house. A couple of weeks ago, she invited a bunch of us over to play. We were supposed to bring our own canvas and we could use all of her paints and stuff. Audrey painted a hat box. Check it out.

Girl has skills

Visual art really isn’t my thing, so instead of bringing a canvas, I brought this:

Paint by number, with the suggested look, original title--"Good Friends"

I decided to reinterpret it this way instead:

New Title: "Galaxy Cat and UniDog from Outer Space" (1 of 1)

Have a great weekend; paint outside the lines, be amazing. Spark ON, Brave Sparkers!!
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