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Doctor's Report-Good Progress

Friday, August 22, 2014

I met with the orthopedic doctor yesterday. He said the bones are together and there is more bone growth, although you can still see the break. I can’t take the boot off yet, but he gave me clearance to do the following:

1. Walk as much as I want in the boot. I started doing daily ½ mile walks last weekend. I didn’t have a doctor’s clearance to do so, but after I wound up walking up and down Worth Avenue on Palm Beach for about 1/2 mile (no, I was not shopping - just waiting for someone - a story for another time), and having no ill effects afterward, I thought I wasn’t doing any harm, so I continued the walking. The doctor confirmed I was fine to do that.

2. Start light driving. He said that if I had to slam on the brakes it’s really going to hurt, but it won't break anything. I am fine with pain as long as I know I’m not causing more damage. Last night I took a trial driving around my very neighborhood and found I had no problems with moving my foot from the gas to brake pedal. This is probably because I had been continually bending the foot back and forth since my last appointment 2 weeks earlier. The only issue was if I had to hold my foot on the brake for more than 15-20 seconds it started to complain. I can always use my left foot to hold the brake pedal at traffic lights.

3. Start stretching the foot any which way I want. I did the alphabet with my foot as soon as I got home, and later in the evening. I also did some circles. I will be doing this a lot of times every day.

4. Walk in the pool. This for me is huge because I think it is one of the best things I can do right now, not only for physical recovery but for the mental boost I need. I will work on a plan to start working in some water running in a week or two. Okay, maybe sooner. I'll try it out to see how it feels. Maybe I will run the shallow sections and walk the deeper ones.

5. Swim. Hurray! Real exercise! This will help me get my cardio and endurance back as well as start working my atrophied leg muscles. Which, by the way, I have noticed coming back a little just from the 1/2 mile daily walks.

I asked the doctor about PT, and was told that it probably wasn't necessary and I could do exercises myself at home. I have looked at rehab exercises on You Tube, and will do those. However I am still considering physical therapy if for nothing else, for a gauge on where I am in terms of my range of motion in a few weeks.

Today I will drive myself to the gym, get into the pool and do a few laps of walking and see how it is to swim. I will continue to walk, but will have to do it first thing in the morning when the temperatures are still in the low 80s. Right now our temperatures are going up into the mid-90s with feels-like temperatures from 100-106. I don’t really want to be out in that heat since I have spent most of the hot Florida summer days in the house, and have not built up a tolerance to the heat as I have in past summers.

I am now 10 days away from the magic 8 week mark. That is when the doctor said I can take the boot off and start walking without it for periods of time, working up to where I don’t need it at all. I can also start on the stationary bike after the 8 week mark, as well as start on some weight-bearing exercises that the doctor showed me I can do. I go back to the doctor in 30 days and look forward to a long list of things I can start doing, and I expect that light running will be on that list.

Speaking of running, a few months ago, Patty, the owner of my local running store had me try them on a pair of Hokas just for giggles. They were a little heavier than I prefer, but were SO cushy! Then shortly after I broke my ankle, I spoke to a well-known local runner who strongly recommended Hokas as the shoe to wear when getting back into running after an injury. I went to the running store last weekend and advised Patty to put a pair of Hokas aside for me. I read recently in Runner's World that Hoka came out with a lighter upper, so I will have to check out that model.

I am so excited to feel that I am finally on the road to recovery! More so, I LOVE that I have a plan, because now I feel like I am progressing and back in control of my life.

Now I just need to hear from some of the companies to which I have applied to schedule an interview. I am SO READY to get back to work.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • ACTIVE_AT_60
    Carolyn, I am sorry to hear about your injury. Glad to see things are moving in the right direction for you.

    When does hockey season start lol.

    (note I have changed my used name since you last heard from me - so look at my profile to see who I am)
    1401 days ago
    You are doing fantastic. Keep it up.
    1402 days ago
    WOW! Such exciting news Carolyn. It sounds like you are progressing real well. Water jog sounds like a lot of fun. I also read about Hokas and am curious about them. Sending you Positive Karma and Thoughts Your Way!

    Sharon emoticon
    1402 days ago
    Carolyn, glad to hear things are on the up and up for you! I know you enjoy the pool walking and swimming and I'm sure you'll be running again before you know it. Interesting tidbit of info on the Hokas. Interested to know how they work out for you.
    1403 days ago
    I've been aqua jogging for my angry knees, and it's been wonderful. I hated it at first, but have come to enjoy the serenity of it.
    1403 days ago
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