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Sweat As An Obstacle

Friday, August 22, 2014

I live in central Florida where there is lots of heat and humidity. (Today our 94 degrees has a "feels like" rating of 101.) I'm not complaining. We have very little winter and can get outdoors year round. But sweat is an obstacle, a barrier to living an active life. I found that to be especially true back when I was establishing my healthy lifestyle while working a professional desk job where I was expected to represent our nonprofit agency.

I found I could maximize the number of days I could walk at lunch by wearing a sleeveless shell with an over-shirt or jacket. I'd take off the outer wear, change shoes, and be ready for a small picnic lunch and my walk. As I got fitter, I'd tuck my sleeveless top into my pants and wear a belt, feeling pretty good about the way I looked walking. A splash bath in the restroom and some deodorant made me feel okay about going back to work. When it was too warm to walk at lunch, I'd often stop on the way home to do it. I didn't mind getting home a bit sweaty.

My niece works at Geico where they have an employee gym with showers. She runs at lunch without having to worry about the impact of exercise on her career. In the late 90's and early in this century I lived just a mile and a half from my office. Had they had a shower, I could have walked to work. I hit my all time high weight of 212 while working there. Don't know that walking to work would have been a magic bullet, but it would not have hurt. Maybe some day more employers will support employees with showers and other accommodations so that sweat is not an obstacle to health and fitness. In the meantime, we can all look for ways to manage to be active!
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    emoticon The sweat is definitely an obstacle for exercising during the work day.
    1339 days ago
  • _LINDA
    I simply couldn't imagine doing anything in your state actively without requiring a full shower after! Having only worked with small, family owned businesses with no dress code, this wasn't an issue for me, but the cool climate here helps encourage exercise anytime.
    1341 days ago
    Managing the change between indoor and outdoor temperatures can be a challenge, especially in Summer! Today I wore a light jacket over a spaghetti strapped tank with a sports bra built in... could shed the jacket for the walk over to the luncheon venue, put the jacket on to deal with the A/C (and for modesty while in the august company)... and shed it again for the walk back to the office.

    Yep, an obstacle... challenge accepted! Creativity exerted. Done!
    1341 days ago
  • FROSTY99
    I used to go to the gym at lunch but no shower-so just had to change clothes and then wipe down in the bathroom, get dressed again and head back to work. I know down here I don't think I could work outside and go back to work without a shower.
    1341 days ago
    When I was teaching, I used to either walk at lunch or the last period of the day, which I happened to have off. When it rained or when I knew I would be super busy, I would walk the halls in the morning before the staff and students arrived. Although the school had showers, they were for the students. I used to freshen up in the staff bathroom before returning to work. Carrying deodorant is a must!
    1341 days ago
    My building is adding a gym soon. My company will be moving out within the year. It was too good to be true. emoticon
    1341 days ago
    This week has been awful in central FL, so I've conceded to the treadmill, especially after a bit f a heat scare a couple of weeks ago. But I usually get up before sunrise to get my run in. My work has a gym and showers, but I'm not much of a gym rat and make accommodations otherwise.
    1341 days ago
    Great ideas, I was never interested in working out at work. But never had a place to work out at either. I did get a lot of walking in but it was part of the job. One hospital I worked at did have a gym affiliated with it but again I wasn't interested. I went home after work ,was tired, didn't want to work out. Now I wish I had used that gym before or after work.
    1341 days ago
  • GABY1948
    You are right! That is what would REALLY turn this country around health wise!
    Have a GREAT weekend, Marsha!

    1341 days ago
    I think it would make sense for companies to encourage workouts- their employees would be more alert, have less time off sick, be happier!
    I used to work for a phone company back in the 80s that had it's own social club on site which had a shower area and small gym (not well equipt to be honest but usable). Sadly at the time I was too unwell to invest some time there- it was very popular.
    1341 days ago
    I think fitness centers at work are becoming more common. It is in the interest of the employer to have fit employees!
    1341 days ago
    The work place is getting better about encouraging healthier lifestyles. Hope it continues.
    1341 days ago
    Because of my activities with young people, I heard a tip from one "non-driver" to another who said, "Keep a washcloth and stick of deodorant in your backpack, then when you go to an interview (the one was job seeking at the time) you can "freshen up" in the bathroom"

    1341 days ago
    I never had the opportunity of working that close to home. A short commute would have been a wonderful thing. Work places are so different now and lots of good programs for the employees. MY DH is a teacher in another county and they offer WW meetings at a reduced price for staff plus the PE teacher volunteers her time after hours for exercise classes.

    I love headbands - when in Florida I barely go outside without one on my forehead. Keeping the sweat (aren't Southern girls supposed to "glisten") out of my eyes is a necessity for me.

    Good luck on your upcoming race.

    1341 days ago
    I always wonder about people who ride bikes to work in hot weather. They must be a poem to work with.
    1341 days ago
    Excellent attitude.
    1341 days ago
    Summer has finally arrived - we had heat indexes around 100 yesterday, not unusual for us in Tennessee, but unusual this summer, which has been exceptionally mild.

    We have a fitness center at work with showers. It cost a minimal amount to join the fitness center and not everyone does it, but to me, the cost is so worth it because I do work out at lunch time. My issue is that I don't always have time for a shower, so depending on the workout and the amount that I sweat, sometimes I am able to use Nathan Power Shower wipes....but that is usually only on strength training days. On running days or step aerobic days, a shower is a must!
    1341 days ago
  • LEWILL1982
    We have a gym at work. Its still too hot to get outside mid day because I'll still be sweating after a shower, but I encourage it the best I can. We have a lot of people who do work out during lunch and utilize the showers. There are some people who wouldn't get in a work out otherwise, if they didn't have the lunch time option.

    PS - we were under a heat advisory yesterday afternoon/evening in North Florida -heat index of 110 - I feel your pain, cant wait for cooler temps!
    1341 days ago
    I love my gym at work! I may be the oldest 'gym rat' in the company - I'm there a lot!
    1341 days ago
    It would be nice if more employers would consider helping their staff relieve their "sweat woes"! You have done such a great job, and I love your blogs!!
    1341 days ago
    It's not so sweaty in my neck of the woods but I hear ya, and these are great tips! You're on a roll, Marsha -- I'm loving this series!!
    1341 days ago
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