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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

No you will never see me on the voice.. can't carry a tune that is for sure, but their is some voice that I was hearing all day and that was my chastising negativity voice.. letting me know that I did not lose the 30lbs that I planned on losing this Summer check not losing it I gained weight.. and I keep looking back what the heck did I do all Summer? I thought I worked hard.. yes I did I worked out 5x a week rode my bike as much as I could.. went two weeks, carb free then low carb ok yes I did have a few slips but they where nothing like what I use to do years ago where I would eat and eat all day long.. the slips where a little indulgements here and there but I really don't feel that they warranted such a set back of no weight loss and with all the working out I did or do..

People who I talk to other then spark members that I know tell me that they drink beer have pizza have that occasional ice cream cone, they run 4x a week they bike they work out and yet they still lose weight or maintain it..

Ok, ok.. I am sounding jealous and envious.. but serious I am .. I mean I am being super honest about my food and what I have ate. I don't eat fast food.. except pizza, I don't eat packaged of processed foods. heck I juice 3x a week. but I have not in about 2 weeks but still why has no weight gone off but it goes on..

I have had my thyroid checked, I have complained to my doctor so much that she put me on a diet pill I was so despite that I took it but I have stopped taking them because I don't think I have a appetite control problem. I wake up have a great breakfast, I plan out my lunch and dinner.. when I am sitting here like I am not 7pm at night after dinner is done and I am relaxing.. I am not picking, or munching no soda is sitting next me to water is.. I think I have a good healthy habits.. yet no weight loss..

Now this is all what the voice in my head keeps going over and over its like a bad tape.. and I am trying to get answers out of something that is not answerable..

Thank you for putting up with me.. I am blogging and writing this down apposed to maybe eating over it or letting it build up..

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    Plateaus are a _itch, aren't they? You're doing all the right things. Hang in there. Your day will come.
    2349 days ago
    Keep it coming MsAnita! Eventually the weight will come off. I'm having similar problems. I have gained back so much weight this year and I thought I would be down 10 pounds. Now I have 25 to lose instead. I think age has something to do with it for me at least. And life's disappointments havent helped. I know that when I work out, I'm not putting my all in to it. I'm just there doing it. Not feeling it, not accomplishing anything. Just doing. Making my spark point quota.

    We will beat this! emoticon
    2350 days ago
    I just read this and maybe it will help you. I hope so.

    Stop the Negative Self-Talk Joy Bauer Food Cures

    One of the worst patterns a dieter can fall into is negative self-talk - the inner voice that tells you you'll never reach your goal, you deserve a chocolate bar because you've had a hard day, you've already blown your diet so you might as well order the cheesecake, and so on.

    If you're a victim of negative thinking, a little cognitive reordering may be just the ticket for you. This type of intervention involves identifying your sabotaging thoughts, questioning their validity, and then taking positive action to change things.

    Maybe you can identify with someone who constantly thinks, "I've always been heavy, I'll always be heavy. I've tried a million diets, and they just don't work for me." Rather than writing off any possibility of success, you are far better off questioning why past diets have not worked for you and thinking about alternative approaches to weight loss.

    First off, you might want to review all the diets you've tried to see if they failed because they were unreasonable to begin with. If it turns out that they were extreme (no carbs, no fat, no sugar) or bizarre (cabbage soup morning, noon, and night), you can respond to your inner antagonist by saying, "Perhaps if I use a healthy, realistic, and sustainable approach, I will reach my goals." If you feel you're already making informed food choices, you might consider focusing on exercise as your primary weight-loss tool, along with sound eating. Or, if emotional eating is standing in your way, perhaps you should redirect your efforts towards coping with the issues that lead you to self-medicate with food, so you're in a better mindset to address your weight issues.

    Whatever your situation may be, the important thing is to take those negative thoughts and turn them into positive action. The single most important ingredient for successful weight loss is to believe in yourself and set forth with a can-do attitude. Are you ready to try this new approach?

    2352 days ago
    Don't listen to that one.
    2352 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    Keep doing the positive things.
    2352 days ago
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