Beached Whale Syndrome

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hi Sparkers

I went to a friend's 75th birthday party today.
Decided before going I was going to go off KETO diet and enjoy some of the foods I haven't had since December.
I did just that!
Enjoyed fatty deli meats and imported cheeses that were delightful!
Glopped some mayonnaise on and ate several olives.
Spotted the mixed nuts and it was love at first sight. Ate lots!
Then came the birthday cake. Just had a few small bites with no icing.

This had been planned in advance and I consumed 2,600 calories today.
Do I feel guilty? Not at all! It was so good at the time.

It is about 7 pm and, yes, I do feel like a beached whale.
I am bloated and way beyond full!

I now have a renewed sense of how good low carbing really feels.

Tomorrow is my restart day for doing some KETOing and looking forward to it!

Have a great nite, Sparkers!
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