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Turtle Point Follow-up!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hi all!

I'm back with another update. I have poked in a few times and read everyone's blogs, but it's pretty crazy for me to be writing much. So turtle points it is!

Let's just dive right in, shall we?

emoticon I GRADUATED! I have my MS in Medical Science now. Whee! It confers 0 transferable skills and 0 job opportunities outside of education, but I've been offered a position as a medical scribe with a reputable company in my area. I'm excited to start training in September!

emoticon I am reviewing for the MCAT and that's why I'm writing this post. I am procrastinating. Again. Story of my life, right? I get so frustrated on the general chemistry and physics practice questions. I just don't understand how I can sit there with the book open in front of me and still get the answers wrong. I've changed my study strategy to doing what I did in my MS program, and that's making long exhaustive worksheets with short-answer and fill-in-the-blank questions about every miniscule detail. I figure I can't apply my detailed content knowledge to the practice questions if I don't have the content knowledge. Back to the grindstone it is.

emoticon I've stayed on track for the most part with my fitness and eating, although I did have a brief ice cream binge or two since February. I stopped working out as much when my summer exams rolled around, and they closed the pool at my university recreation center in May and it's still closed. Not that it matters, since I'm no longer a student. Which freaks me out. I've never not been a student. Ack! I'm trying to get back into walking in the mornings, but that means I have to shift back into being a morning person, which is hard when your fiance is a night owl. A very snuggly night owl. Who wants to walk at 6 am surrounded by grouchy retired veterans when there's a snuggly bed with a snuggly night owl in it? Not I. But, 'tis Florida, and that means that 6 am is the only time of day that's even slightly comfortable for being outdoors. Not to mention that I'm obnoxiously white, and the sun and I are not friends.

emoticon I did the Body By You workouts (by Mark Lauren, same guy as the You Are Your Own Gym workouts, for which there is an app, by the way) consistently until I started physical therapy a few months ago. I had been noticing some significant (using the vernacular, to mean glaringly obvious, not the statistical term) bilateral weakness in my abdominal and gluteal regions on the left side for a long time, and I finally took the time to get it looked at by an actual hip specialist. Turns out I have FAI, or femoroacetabular impingement. Google it. Anyway, there's an overgrowth of the bone on my hip socket and femur that pinches the cartilage around the joint and restricts my ROM and causes pain. I probably was compensating and created the deficit by favoring my right side. So, PT happened. It's been great, I love my therapists, and the orthopaedist agreed with my plan to get into shape (round is not a shape) and aggressively strengthen my body before assessing whether or not this defect is affecting my lifestyle. Medicine means I'll be on my feet for the rest of my life. Anyway, I'll decide then whether or not to have surgery to grind down the bony spurs and repair or replace the cartilaginous bits. Best to do it before I'm 30 while youth is still on my side.

emoticon I'm still using a pen and paper journal to track my food and exercise. I prefer it because I don't obsess anymore. Much healthier.

emoticon My jazz class got to do the Fosse choreography for the dance recital this June! It was fantastic!

emoticon I didn't finish that Whole30 I started in February, but I am on Day 21 of a Whole60 right now and I have made 0 excuses and am going strong. I'm learning to trust in the process, and that's hard for me. I expect that if A + B = C, then it damn well better be C the moment I put A and B together. Linearity! Consistency! Control! I have none of these things, and I'm learning to cope.

emoticon I'm doing bodyweight workouts with my PT exercises incorporated into them 3 x weekly, starting to walk again in the mornings (just a mile to start with, no point hurting the hip I've spent so much time working on), and dance classes start next week. My orthopaedist is partnered with the YMCA association in the area, and I can get my joining fee waived with a note from him and a lowered membership fee with proof of (lack of) income. Hopefully I can start working out at the Y and using the pool (yay!) once I start working. Woohoo! Real gym!

emoticon I am avoiding my MCAT stuff intently, and it's 4 pm already today, so that's all for now. I'm still reading! Keep being awesome!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • GINAV2
    So much awesome! Love the "turtle points." :) Congrats on graduating, and on finding a job in this economy! And way to go on all the exercise/fitness fronts, even in the face of bony issues. Glad to hear that so many things are going well for you! Keep on being awesome!
    1545 days ago
  • GHK1962
    Ok ... continuing on. But I realized I messed up my numbering system ... pah! Who needs that ... I should have stolen the turtle point response bullets ...

    Anyway, I also saw you posted on my blog post thingy about wanting to become a runner. Me too! I mean, yeah, I am running a bit ... but I am soooooo very, very s l o w.

    Still, you have to mend a bit before yes? The hip and all I mean.

    Ok .. I HOPE you are not reading this at the moment and instead studying that MCAT stuffs. Because, as I have always nagged you about ... school stuffs comes first ... wait, wait ... does that mean you are now applying for Med School now as well as working?
    1553 days ago
  • GHK1962
    Even if you said you've been keeping tabs here once in a while ... and even called some of us the 'nerd brigade' hahaha ... I still say.... WELCOME BACK and great to see you again.

    I'd also reply back to your blog via turtle point response ... but that'd just be stealing your thing ... and while I have not problems with stealing, I'm happy enough to see a blog from you that I'll let my stealing tendencies lap just this one haha. Instead, I'll go back to a numbered list!

    1) On your MS degree -
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    (Yeah... got the big eye fish in there for some reason...)

    MOST excellent. This is near one of the best news from you EVER! I wanna hear more about the work you'll be doing.

    2) I recall when you went to that studying approach. But ... you have thermodamnamics again?!?!? Why I that?

    3) Eh ... it's just part of the next step in life not having free-bee access to some school stuff. But ... you are in FL ... beach!!! Just wear sunblock ok. Though just balance them with the snuggly sessions.

    4) By the way, I still often mention that book, "You Are Your Own Gym" to some people. And yes ... I give you credit for putting me on to that :)

    I need to Google some of the things you mentioned before going on and on here ...suffice to say for now, ACK on the cartilage thingy

    5) That Fosse thing is wayyy cool. I only know him from that movie they did about him though.

    6) Ok...running a little out of time ... I will post another response later.

    Very nice to see you back!

    1553 days ago
    What a great blog!

    1554 days ago
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