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Making Sense out of nothing at all.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I am not sure if I am procrastinating or just slogging they both feel about the same when it comes to results. I know I go all out and make all the right decisions and buy all the right items needed for any project I expect to be on. However when it comes to commitment I am falling a little short. I can't seem to kick the habit of just giving up or finding excuses. I want the outcome, I want the better health, I want to be able to say I did it, but that seems to be where it ends lately when it comes to exercising, following a fitness schedule or even a menu.

I know I can't be the only one out there that has this dilemma they are facing. I almost hate to preview a video or a massage because none of them fit my life style. I am watching all these easy does it videos and to tell the truth none of them are that easy at least for my body. I am oversized, my knees have given out and I cannot get down and do all the bends and twist that are required in even the most simple exercises. Thus I get bored seeing this stuff pop up on all the sites I am on not just SPARK PEOPLE. I am tired of seeing average women explain to me how my body should be working, I am tired of previewing clothing that will never fit me and if it does I look like a whale trying to fit into something way to tight.

I want to see women real women explain to me how they managed to get that leg flexed to a bend or a squat, not some simple minded person that is not going through what I am going through. I want to see how the real women of SPARK PEOPLE managed to lose weight. Put some videos on there that will at least perk my senses to try a little harder.

I don't know I might just be asking for too much so until that happens I guess I am on my own and none of this really makes any sense to me other than a few friendships I have met along the way.

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    Just a daily walk, even if it is short, should be good. I found a chair exercise I like. Check it out. Hopefully you can do the exercise, and enjoy it.

    If the link doesn't work then go to YouTube and type in Paul Eugene Chair Fitness Workout. He makes it fun! emoticon
    1343 days ago
    1345 days ago
    Don't give up. You will find your own way one step at a time. Adapt what you like to what you can do. If you can't do side lunges then just step from side to side. You can do it. I can only do a little of what some of those videos show. I can't kneel and it is not easy to get off the floor. We have to pick and choose. I find the water gives me more freedom.
    1345 days ago
    Dear Joanna, I feel for you. So many people with great ideas on how you can solve your problems!! But how many people really understand what life if handing you.
    I am 78 and was always a "tomboy" I did every activity known, I was always "Muscular/plump" They said be active now and you will feel better when you get older. What they forgot to tell you that you parts wear out and have to be replaced!!!!

    In the last 2 years I have had 2 hip replacements and 1 back surgery. Each time I was laid up in bed and needed pain pills to get around. The doctors said "If you can lose weight you will feel better" How the #$#@ can you lose weight when you are in bed 95% of your time.???

    Depression pills/pain pills/etc and now my friends are giving me great advice- "alot of people get on with their life and don't feel sorry for themselves??!!"

    I have all the tapes/cd/dvds now I just need to get going. How hard can that be?????????? Oh right!!! I read your Blog and understand every thought.

    If I can help you (be a partner)I hope I can begin a more positive approach to our plight. I'm sure you can help me.

    My email address (outside of Sparks) is emoticon

    Marilyn (Silver Siren)
    1348 days ago
    Joanna, The key is to not give up. When I started this I got a Leslie Sansone DVD. I couldn't do even a half a mile at a time. But I kept at it, and eventually I could do the mile. Just do what you can, and figure out out how to do it without the pain. Would you give up on one of your horses, or one of your grand kids? I know you wouldn't. Get a pedometer, wear it, and everyday try and get even a few more steps in than the day before. Baby steps, you are awesome, and I know you can do this. Just a little at a time. We are here for you. You just have to find what you like to do and what works for you. Hugs
    1349 days ago
  • GORDON66
    I understand your frustration. I was thumbing through a health magazine today, and the exercises were not designed for my fitness level.

    In my town, the park district has a fitness center with all sorts of classes for beginners, advanced, and everything in between. If you have something in the area, I would highly recommend it. The instructors must be certified, and they are always so helpful. I love my TRX class, and I'm always the fattest, oldest person taking sessions.

    I have struggled mightily with my weight my entire life, but right now I'm more fit than I've in - maybe - forever. I joined a gym and work with a personal trainer. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself.
    1350 days ago
    Joanna, just find something that gets you moving, and keep doing it! How about water aerobics? Those keep you moving and the water takes a lot of stress off your knees. So sorry you are going through this!

    We are all here for you and you can call on me whenever you have a need to talk and be listened to! By the way, I LOVE your background photo! That hay is so GREEN!! emoticon emoticon
    1350 days ago
    You have to find what adapts to you. A lot of the exercises can be modified to fit you. It's what I did, a lot of them weren't perfect, but still I was moving (am moving!!) Have you tried biking, stationary or outdoors, I find it one of the easiest ones. As for strength training, first I had to find a whole bunch of exercises on line (the Mayo clinic) for the back and the rest I found on Spark People. A lot of them I did modify for less pain.
    Btw, because of what's wrong with my back horseback riding, either a walk or a trot, is recommended for me by my physiotherapist!!

    I know you can find something, just start really slow and then when you are more comfortable, slowly increase. It will work.

    1350 days ago
    Oh Joanna,
    Your blog today sounds like I wrote it exactly !! You remember, I live in Florida with the Tennessee Walker? Well, I'm still 50 lbs over weight, still not doing anything about being a couch potato! I sold my horse ~ I got so disgusted with myself AND the heat and humidity here in Florida... especially that I live 25 miles from a hospital, nice grocery store or restaurant, sidewalks... I also bought a gorgeous full grown Black & Silver German Shepherd that I thought was just the ticket for me to get out there and walk with her... bull crap !! Too tired, too hot, too impatient with all her needs and wants for attention and exercise, so I sold her too :-( I honestly don't know, other than depression what the problem is ~ like you I have every book, video and access the anything needed and I don't even have knee or joint problems. It cannot possible be that I am just a damn fat old fart that would rather eat all the junk that I know has kicked me out of the saddle (along with prolapsed bladder). I really don't know what to do either to get my get up and go up off the couch and care enough about what I should be doing ~ I am a very smart lady and was active until 6 months ago! Fat but still active Ha Now I am just fat. AND, hey, I'm not just dumping on you and looking for any sympathy, because be both know where we can find that Ha
    If you should happen to get a burst of focused energy, please let me know. Maybe when I get out of Mayberry and around more people and activities my attitude will change. Please keep in touch with me ~ I promise not to dump on you again and I'll be happy to listen to your foibles as well.
    Dottie please use email.

    1350 days ago
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