Thankful Thursday

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I checked Walmart last night to see if they had a computer replacement cord - um, yeh, for $59.97.

I am sure my mouth fell open - sticker shock. I am sure I was catching flies.

No way can I afford to pay ~$65.00 cash. I will see if I can order one off Amazon, and use Swagbucks gift cards to pay for it. But then I have to wait for it to be shipped, etc. Sigh. It is what it is.

Hopefully, it's Swagbucks to my rescue.

Today, I am thankful for 2 hrs on public library's computer, and I am thankful for Swagbucks.

I won't be on Swagbucks or Facebook at all, until I get a replacement cord.

I won't be on SP until I get a cord - little if any at all.
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