God was with me

Monday, August 11, 2014

On Thursday I started out to Winnipeg about 40 miles to our goal the car batteries went dead Half a Bloch away was a car shop Walked there and they boasted our car Went to my sisters son house were a neighbor got the battery charged up Bought a fully charged batteries from Honda car dealership .Miles of the road to our Hotel was under construction So many streets were blocked off Toke a long time but got to the hotel Next day had to get to hospital Thunder and hard rain stormed for half the day Roads shut down and rain made it hard to get to hospital Stooped at a store and asked for direction and that young man wrote down a way to get to hospital 3 people helped us in those 2 days without there help we would have been late The surgery was a success and can partly see Way better then before Have to wait 8 weeks to get new classes More then likely have to get other eye down to God was good put those People there to help
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