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Monday, August 11, 2014

Spark may just have saved my friend's life.

Thanks to this site I have read articles about everything under the sun! There are things I now know or at least am aware of that I never imagined I would know or even care about. That said, about a month or so ago, I was having coffee with my friend when he mentioned to me that he thought he was developing plantar fasciitis. Since this is something I suffer from on a nearly daily basis I asked him his symptoms. It didn't exactly sound like what I had been dealing with but it did ring some warning bells in my brain. I continued to ask him about various symptoms and finally, I suggested he go see a doctor because it sounded like he developed diabetes. Granted, he isn't the healthiest or most fit guy around, but he always seemed to be doing well so I guess it never occurred to him that all this extra weight was an issue. Whenever we were together he would eat healthy and drink water...I guess I never thought to show concern either, until now.

Well, he went to the doctor and lo and behold he DOES have type II diabetes. He said that he never would have gone to the doctor if I hadn't pushed this issue and the doctor said that our little conversation just may have saved his life as his sugar levels were WILDLY off!!

Thanks to all that and all my copious reading of Spark materials not only does he have his sugars in order, he is eating right, exercising and loosing weight! Today we are meeting for lunch and I am going to tell him all about Spark. I'm even planning to show him the site! I hope he joins. I think he will really like it here!
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