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A wonderful story of hope answered!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Raudhatul Jannah was only 4 years old when a tsunami hit Indonesia and killed 230,000 people, many swept out into the Indian Ocean and presumed dead. That was 10 years ago. Her dad put her and her brother on a board together and they were swept out to sea. After being on the ocean. The article on the internet or the news story on the Today show didn't say how old her brother was or how much time passed before she was rescued. But the storm was still raging when a fisherman had to fight the elements to make his way to save her. He tried to then get her brother too but he was swept with the board away before the fisherman could get him and it is not known what happened to him. The fisherman took this little girl to him mother's house and she raised her for 10 years. They had no idea how to find her parents with so many people washed out to sea that day. The older woman lived 80 miles from the girl's parents. The mother of the girl never really gave up hope on her two kids. The mother's brother was walking in the town Raudhatul lived with the fisherman's mother this past June and saw her and thought she looked like family. He told his sister, who is the girl's mother, to check it out and she did. They have now been reunited and she is currently living with her mom and dad. The mother says since she received this miracle that was so out of the blue, she will keep hoping that one day the lost brother will also be found alive. I can't imagine not knowing what happened to my child, under any circumstances, and when the tsunami washed over 230,000 out to sea I don't know if I could keep on hoping. Other family members had thought she must have died after they heard nothing for about a month but her mom couldn't give up!
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