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Friday, August 08, 2014

First, I want to thank everyone for all the nice notes, comments and goodies you've sent my way. It's been ten days since my surgery, and I had my first post-op appointment this morning. I was really pretty pumped up hoping they would let me return to work with my wheelchair. After all, you can only watch so many hours of TV before you begin to go numb. Unfortunately, my return to work has been postponed until at least my next follow-up on August 20th. Oh no, another 12 days of Netflix!!!!!! emoticon

I spent the first few days after surgery mostly sleeping. After that I had to stop taking the pain meds because that's what was making me sleep. Once awake, there has been nothing to do except watch TV. Can you overdose on television? If so, I think I already have. By the way, if anyone has a ROKU device and wants to know what shows are on it, just let me know. I've become quite the expert!

I'm not usually a depressed type of person, but I have to admit that the last ten days have been pretty bad. I'm usually a pretty independent person, so being stuck at home, unable to drive, and completely dependent on everyone else is really driving me nuts. My boys are really doing all they can to help, but it's just me. I hate not being able to do for myself. Cliff came home from work yesterday and caught me in the kitchen (got there in my wheelchair) standing on one leg trying to unload the clean dishes from the dishwasher. He promptly took over the job which, quite frankly, made me a little angry, but I know he meant well. I'm trying really hard to keep a positive attitude, but the longer I'm stuck at home, the harder it is.

Anyway, enough whining. Had surgery on the 29th and according to my doctor (Cliff spoke to him after surgery) all went well. He did, however, find a small fourth fracture which required a longer incision than he originally planned. I am now the proud owner of a lot of very expensive hardware. One of my good friends calls it my bionic leg and foot! For your viewing pleasure, here is a picture from one of the x-rays they took this morning to make sure everything has stayed in place. As you can see in the pic, I have a long plate and 12 screws in my leg. Yep, I'll never make it through airport security again without a strip search!

Poor little Sahara doesn't understand why I won't get up and play with her, but she is a patient little girl and lays beside me most of the time. I owe her lots of walks when I am back on both feet.

For now, all I can do is try to be patient and wait. Hopefully I'll be able to return to work after my next appointment.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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    I am glad your surgery went well. I totally understand about not being able to get around and DO things!

    My husband and I just got a ROKU recently - and we have been busy watching some TV series that we hadn't seen earlier: House of Cards, Breaking Bad, and The Wire. The Wire is an excellent series -- almost like a sociological study of inner city life among the drug culture, the police force, and politicians.

    I hope you will be more mobile soon.

    1345 days ago
  • _JODI404
    Wow....that X-ray!!! OMG, you *really* did a number on that leg & foot.

    I'm sorry it's taking longer to heal than you had hoped. I'm sure it's uncomfortable to be dependent on others.... but thank goodness you have loved ones there to help you!

    This too shall pass ~~ quickly -- I hope!!

    Continue to take good care!!
    1349 days ago
    I know it's so hard! I'm also one that likes to do everything for myself. After I had a stroke, and had to stay with my oldest son for several months since I was in a different state, it was so hard on me. I was used to being the one who had the place and others came and stayed with me (sometimes I didn't want them there! Like my two daughters. Allowed it because of grandkids) Then I went for 6 weeks to visit a friend in California and we had a great time, but again I was at someone else's house and neither would let me give them money for staying with them. It was extremely hard. And at first, in the hospitals, I couldn't do anything. In the hospitals (first in Phoenix then in Dallas) for 5 weeks I couldn't even go to the bathroom by myself. In the first hospital I could get by with it sometimes but in the second they had an alarm system on the bed that would go off if I tried to get out unless one of the therapies came to get me and turned the alarm off for that period, then turned it back on. They had yellow socks we had to wear if we were not allowed to get up on our own. They were so afraid of falls and damage to my head or something again. Blue socks meant I could get out of bed in my room but couldn't leave the room alone. I finally got the blue socks about 3 days before leaving the hospital and was so happy to have them! I felt like I was on a rock and sharks were circling around my rock (bed) waiting to get me if I tried to get out! Now I'm in my own apartment and can do more of what I want. I can also drive although I had to take a driving test in Texas since I'd had a stroke even though I had a valid New Mexico license. Part of this says many of really do understand how hard this is and what you are going through. The other part is to remind you it will come to an end, even though is seems so far away, and you'll be back doing the things you love. It seems like forever when you are going through it, but it's really not. So hang in there! I also know how sleepy those pain pills make you! In the first hospital they gave me a lot and I'm not sure how much I slept because at first I had difficulty with my vision because of the brain bleed, how much was because my glasses broke in the stroke and getting new glasses in the hospital is impossible, and how much was due to meds. Thankfully I got my eyes checked in the few hours we had between leaving one hospital, getting on a plane (I couldn't walk through the scanner then and had to go through the whole search thing in my wheelchair) and getting off the plane and a deadline to check into the Dallas hospital. And now things are much more what I want them to be! Just be patient, hang in there and soon you'll be getting around! Good thing you got this taken care of. Best wishes as you get bored out of your skull right now!
    1350 days ago
    Cindy, glad the surgery is over and all went well. I totally understand how hard it is not being able to do the things you want to. Went through some months in 2007 waiting for surgery and then the time of relying on others to drive me to rehab for the physical therapy afterward. Glad you have Netflix and hopefully computer games to help with the boredom. The photo of your new bionic leg does look like a strong one now. Praying the time will fly by until the 20th and that the good news will come then. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1350 days ago
    Wonderful to hear from you. I am so glad surgery went well, Quite a bit of recovery to go through. Yikes. I wish I had some advise.

    Is there anything you can study up on. Like building a shed (LOL). I am researching the roof now. LOL OR maybe you want your Project management certification. Again, not too funny but you get my point. These are things that take time and effort but have a real outcome.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1350 days ago
    Wow, that's quite a new ankle!! Hang in there Cindy! Glad you're healing ok.
    emoticon emoticon
    1350 days ago
    You poor thing, having to stay home for so long and can't go anywhere on your own. I can so feel your pain and sadness.

    I hope and pray that you feel better soon, Cindy!

    1350 days ago
    Keep on keeping on! emoticon
    1350 days ago
  • ODAT1117
    WOW!!! That is some serious hardware!!

    I hope you can find some good distractions that won't kill too many brain cells until you can go back to work. :-) Maybe you could work on memorizing all the Spark People articles in their library. ;-)

    Hang in there!
    1350 days ago
    Best wishes for a full recovery!
    1350 days ago
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