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Friday, August 08, 2014

I was reading another member spark page, and she captioned a picture "the exercise that works is the one you do!" I thought, man, there is so much truth to that in many ways. I have had unhealthy eating habits my whole life. I ate my first salad at 16 and almost threw up in my mouth. It was so unfamiliar. Since then, I have learned about several fruits and veggies I like, but it still takes more effort for me to eat a healthy breakfast or lunch than it does to guzzle a soda in place of a meal.

My success this week has centered on limited choices. I'm only eating things I like a lot, and keeping each meal below 400 calories to leave room for snacks. Every day I wake up and make my iced mocha, then follow it up with eggs and toast, yogurt with fruit, or oatmeal. For lunch it has mainly been ham sandwich, tuna sandwich, or sweet potato and topping with a side of fruit. None of it is time consuming to prepare, and it is easy to keep those ingredients on hand. I also know that these combinations tend to keep me filled up and full steam until I start cooking dinner around 5pm.

When it comes to healthy dinners, I am completely motivated to pass on healthier habits to my children and my husband is a health nut. I have ten years of experience cooking healthy whole dinners. It is funny/sad that in that time I never took the opportunity to bother to prepare healthier meals for one - the ones I eat myself, and usually alone.

I have some apprehension about the upcoming week-long beach vacation. Every time I have overshot my calories by a longshot these past two weeks it has been at a restaurant. I find looking at a menu and trying to suss out the healthy items is overwhelming and time consuming. Add in the fidgeting of three small children and that anxious feeling of holding things up, it just is mentally draining and sometimes I just toss in the towel and say "Whatever, I'll have the chicken strips and fries". Since we'll be meeting my parents there, I won't be preparing all of the in-house meals myself.

And yet, isn't a life filled with family and adventure ideal? If I am going to make permanent changes, then part of those changes will have to include learning how to make better choices when I am not in control of where we eat/what options are available. I want to practice listening to my body and using its subtle clues to know when to stop eating, and what to eat in the first place. Thinking about this opportunity as an experiment makes it easier.
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  • GHK1962
    Well, I am glad you are starting to think that falling down just means ...well ... falling down. And that you can always get back up :)

    By the way, when I saw you use the term 'hyperbolic' I thought you were talking about math at first and I was like ...ohhh....fellow math geek! Then I realized you were using that term in a different context ... and then I thought ... word geek!

    You have a good weekend.

    1386 days ago
    @GHK1962 - Oh I totally consider myself a sodaholic. I wish there was a Betty Ford for my bad habit. I don't mean to be hyperbolic, but I just seriously feel my heart rate spike when I step in a gas station or sit down at a soda fountain and know how easy it would be to have a drink. And yes, all I can do is keep trying. I think in the past I have had the mentality that once I fall down and have a soda it is all over, but thankfully I'm learning it isn't.

    @ForZachandMatt - Of course where would you rather be in the world than at that football game? Have a great beach week!
    1387 days ago
    Wow - love this - we are going to the beach next week and I'm worried too but thanks for putting it into prospective - that this is life and family and adventure and I need to be able to control myself and make good decisions no matter the situation - and you can do that and still have fun. We were at a football game last night and I did he same thing - I'll just have a chicken strip with a couple of fries - but if I had just taken the time, I'm sure I could have found something healthier. So my goal at the beach is to have fun and be with family but still make healthy decisions and stay active! Have fun on your trip and good luck with your decisions
    1387 days ago
  • GHK1962
    I'm somewhat of a soda-holic myself ... ok...perhaps you don't consider yourself one ... but the point is ... sometimes it is hard to make good choices. All we can do is keep trying yes? :)

    And on those occasions when we mess up a bit? Well, we'll feel bad ... and that's okay too. So long as we recognize what happened ... then we move ahead. (And try to never feel bad about feeling bad ... that'll just lead to a spiral of doom!)

    I like how you ended this blog ... how life is filled with ... well ... life! And we just need to adjust to the little bumps tossed in our way.
    1387 days ago
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