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Day 44 of 100 Days to a New & Healthier ME

Thursday, August 07, 2014

I have been plugging along with some good days and some not so good days. I got away from blogging as it was just too much to do it daily for a while.

I am still working on getting my water intake increased to 20 glasses a day. Yesterday I didn't drink any water. That isn't good but it isn't the normal. I have been getting 12 to 16 glasses most days so that is good. I just have the occasional slip up.

My weight has been up and down. It is mostly because I have had some internal system failures (yes I have been watching Star Trek again!). I haven't had any warp core breaches or plasma spills but I became aware of some problems with my eating that were causing issues that affected my weight. I was able to fix it but fell back into it again (a few times). Now I am making some big changes to my eating and I am going to stick with it as I feel better and I don't have the system issues.

Exercise, well it has gone from dancing to house cleaning. I finally made the decision to follow the FLYlady plan to get my house cleaned and organized. It is going well. I am developing routines and the family seems to be slowly getting involved as well. I am seeing that as I am accomplishing things around the house, I am feeling better myself and making better choices in the area of my eating. It is interesting how having things cleaned up in the house can help keep me on track with my health.

I am feeling really good about where things are going right now. I am also getting out of the house more and that has made my hubster very happy. He said he was concerned about me not leaving the house. He is also complimenting me on things that I am accomplishing around the house and how I look. He is noticing and that makes me happy!

Tracking seems to be an on again off again thing. I really have to work on being consistent with my tracking. It is so helpful to be able to look back at what you ate. If I don't track, I can't see what I did to cause the weight gain or loss. The mind doesn't always remember what I ate a week ago! lol

So that is an update on where I am. I didn't want you to think I fell off the face of the earth! lol

Much love!
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