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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

I'll leave the first part off, this is me remembering what it felt like :) This is from 2011, and I'm BETTING from 2014!!! I REALLY think this captured my experience and explains why I came back.

Monday, May 30, 2011 - How Things Change

My journey here on Spark has been a particularly cathartic experience for me. Nothing I thought I would ever do, but mostly because it wasn't something I ever thought I COULD do.

Now for the real blog (LOL!)

I thought I would share some of the changes I have experienced with my friends and passers-by in hopes that you can see some of them in yourself. :)

- I will totally stay up until 11:00 at night to make sure I have packed a decent lunch for work.
- I DO consider that yard work IS a work out and I can do it more (my yard looks GREAT for that!)
- I VERY rarely want to eat anywhere other than my own kitchen (turns out I am a fabulous cook!)
- I do some kind of exercise in the morning whether it is 1/2 hearted or not, because it makes me feel good for HOURS!!
- I (mostly....still working on this one) eat breakfast on the weekends because I already know I need the nutrition and I feel MUCH more balanced when I do.
- I am not so shy to be seen in public
- I have realized I am MUCH stronger inside than I thought I was
- I actually love looking at my biceps LMAO! (but I do!)
- I am keeping up MUCH better with not-so-close friends and my family
- I am taking SO MUCH better care of my house
- I am sitting up straighter and breathing more deeply
- I am more curious about life and what I have to offer
- I am taking better care of my personal appearance
- I am accepting help because I realize that I give help all the friggin time, and I DO deserve help in return
- I feel less 'guilty' or 'worthless' (one small change, apparently, effects MANY places inside!!)
- I realize that I have held on to a lot of objects that have absolutely no use to me and I am purging them from my home.
- I have deeper thoughts. I don't exactly know what that means, but I know it is happening (does that make sense? lol!)
- I spend more time thinking positive things
- I want to encourage other peoples dreams more
- I am more daring about facing my inner demons
- I am STARTING (just starting, mind you!) to feel more social
- My dreams have gotten weirder lol! Purging from the inside is weird!
- I have started to find my respect for my Self
- I realize that challenges are more about a challenge to myself than competition with others
- I also find that I rather enjoy challenging myself to do JUST a little extra
- I listen more closely, and with more compassion to other peoples experiences
- I feel more grounded

I don't know why or how all of these changes came/are coming about. I just know that I like them, I feel free to embrace them, and that there are a lot of great things with me now and in front of me to experience.

This journey really isn't about loosing weight. It is simply about finding out who you are, how strong you are, what you REALLY like, and the REAL, HEART-FELT freedom to do it.

Yes, I'm thinner. Yep, I have the (almost) 'right' number on the scale. Yeah, the jeans are an 'acceptable' size. It is SOOOOO not about that, though! The energy I have is WAY good! The silly little confidence I have cracks me up sometimes! The care I take of myself is almost maternal. What I have learned about myself was the journey. IS the journey! Hey, I'm not stopping now! LOL!

I hope that wasn't too scattered, I'm a little overwhelmed from writing it all out. WOW! What a fantastic journey we are all on! (me included!)
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