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Whole30ing - Day 2 (Tuesday)

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Subtitle: Is it worth stressing the marriage for ¼ cup of corn?

Sometimes the best laid plans encounter a little snag. emoticon I had my Day 2 planned out for food and it was a good plan. Breakfast and lunch were planned and dinner definitely was planned as it is done the Friday before. Dinner was to be grilled pork chops, roasted potatoes (for DH) and steamed green beans. Then….the call from DH in the afternoon. Call goes as follows.. “hey remember that dish we would make last summer with the grilled pork on top of the mix of green beans, tomatoes and corn with the mustard vinaigrette? I am going to pick up a couple ears of corn so we can make that.” Okay…corn??? Corn is not allowed on Whole30 never mind Paleo in general because it is a grain. emoticon First dilemma…corn which is not on the approved list for Paleo or Whole30. The “rules” of the Whole30 state that if you have a banned ingredient than you have to start the 30 days over again…Day 1.

I didn’t say anything about this to DH on our call (baby steps with getting him used to me doing this Whole30) but I started to get stressed about this and after hanging up with DH my mind was swirling. What do I do? I could have him make me the mix without the corn. His response would be…but I bought all this corn! Or I could just let him make it and then when on my plate eat around it. This choice had me thinking back to TV shows where you see the little kid giving the food they don’t like to their dogs. Hmm I have a couple of dogs. I could do that! Too obvious though when giving them one kernel at a time. LOL What to do, what to do?

DH came home and made the mix and after grilling the pork chops, made a beautiful plate with the pork on the green bean, tomato and corn mix. I looked at my plate and estimated the amount of corn to be probably less than a quarter of a cup. Was that enough to cause stress between DH and I? Hmmmm not really. I know I am going to encounter these things throughout these 30 days and I needed to decide what I was going to do. I couldn’t keep restarting Whole30 because I had a quarter of a cup of corn. In the big picture is corn all that bad? Ya it’s a grain and the point of Paleo and Whole30 is to eliminate things that irritate your body.

I also had to think that if I did give in to the corn…..what about other things that are put before me? Where do I draw the line? Where do I draw the line on any temptation after doing Whole30? Where I have been drawing the line in the past has always been in the wrong place which is why I need to lose weight. I have to make sure where I draw that line in doing this Whole30 for the next month will overflow to what I do after Whole30. (Yes all this was going through my mind when DH put the plate in front of me LOL)

I am not perfect. My journey through Whole30 will not be perfect. 99% perfect is okay by me without starting it over and over. If the 1% includes a quarter cup of corn, then so be it. I have hit DH with a lot the past few days and the stress of not eating corn in a dish he made and loves is really is not worth it. Ya I ate the corn and will eat it next week when DH makes this again as he said he will. It is summer and that is the only time we eat corn. I drew my line.

What I ate on Day 2

Turkey Sausage, 2 oz
1 Egg
Onions and peppers sautéed in olive oil

Big salad – mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
2 chicken drumsticks with Magic Mushroom powder (recipe from Nom Nom Paleo)

5 oz grilled pork
Mix of steamed green beans, tomatoes, corn with an olive oil, mustard, lemon juice dressing

½ cup blueberries, ½ cup strawberries with 1 tablespoon almond butter

**After eating dinner and the pear I only hit 1000 calories total for the entire day (hmm really? I felt I ate enough for all meals) so added the additional snack with fruit and almond butter

Okay on to Day 3
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    I had corn too. Its summer and its in season. I am drawing the line there, because whole30 does emphasize eating local in-season food. I think you did the right thing with DH, I know how it is with my DH..."oh... now what diet are you on?...what weird thing are you eating now?" he likes to think of himself as supportive. emoticon
    1721 days ago
    Hey J,

    Two things stand out to me:

    1) "I have to make sure where I draw that line in doing this Whole30 for the next month will overflow to what I do after Whole30." I think you are on spot on with this observation. You already know how well Beck is working for me in this very area: I draw my lines more easily now, with no regret for what I might be "missing." If Whole30 allows you to do that, you are well on your way to great success.

    2) You thought of all your pros and cons in the milliseconds between making the decision about what to do and actually doing it. Look how far you've come! Don't you suspect that in the past, you might just have eaten the corn, without any thought at all?

    Well done, on both counts.
    emoticon job...

    1721 days ago
    Thank you for your WHOLE blog. I am definitely going to start Whole30 as soon as I finish the big pot of beef with barley soup I made a few days ago. (I could freeze, and probably will, but I need to research more about Whole30 in the meantime.)

    I agree with you that "good enough" has to be "good enough." I'm amazed that they are SO picky; for instance, a recipe calling for 1 tsp. dijon mustard would be non-compliant because dijon has white wine listed as the 5th out of 7 ingredients!

    I WILL try to make my own salad dressings, mayo, and ketchup but that's about all I'm willing to do.

    Also, I really appreciate your report of what you are eating, it's helping me formulate my own plan. Breakfasts and lunches seem the most problematic as mine usually revolve around dairy.

    And see, I guess I didn't realize that almond butter was allowed! Need to look that up again!
    1722 days ago
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