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Monumental change in Erik!!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Okay, it's monumental to me. Erik refused to walk up and down my driveway saying it was scary. Well for a while now he's been using the incline setting on the treadmill at Transitional Therapy and it paid off.
Saturday, Erik wanted to go to the neighbor across the street's garage sale , but I was already there with my DIL. Steven told his brother he was busy and couldn't/wouldn't accompany him as he was busy doing something for mom. I looked up from talking with Miss Jerry and who do I see walking across the street-unassisted.... Erik! Now going back down the neighbor's and my driveway he used his SIL's shoulder for support-she said he barely touched her most of the way. Yesterday was trash day and I brought down the recycle bin early in the day, but I was waiting for cooler to go get the trashcan as the trash is picked up later. I was fixing dinner and heard Erik go into the garage, he didn't come right back in like he does when he puts something in the recycle bin and I heard the garage door opening and closing so I wondered what he was up to. Well I went out when the dinner was at a "can be left" point and he said "I did it! Garbage can all the way down...very hard!" I was amazed, I figured he got the going up hill down, but I did not expect him to come down on his own-hauling a huge trashcan no less! This is amazing to me! Thank you God!
Thanks for listening friends.
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FYI new friends, Erik had a traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle accident four years ago. We were told he'd have a lot of progress the first year, maybe some the following year and it would taper off! This is why I'm blogging. Thanks Janet552 for pointing it out-Key Info!
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