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Major Wake Up Call!!

Monday, August 04, 2014

So, a lot has been going on since our trip to London. I met with the nutritionist at Kaiser and she was very nice and was able to give me a few tidbits that I didn't already know. She was able to be more specific as to what my calorie range should be. That was a big help as every site I checked had different numbers. After reviewing about a week's worth of food tracking, she determined my diet was OK although I could add a fruit or so a day. Her conclusion was that increasing my exercise is the key for me. (No duh!) At that time, I was starting back in with the walking and was only doing 20-30 minutes a day. She said if I would increase that to 40-60 minutes, kept calories the same, I could lose about 15 pounds by September (this was first full week of June). She recommended I call a health coach at Kaiser for continued support. I was happy with the meeting and ready to get back on track.
I started walking routine and within 3-5 days I was having significant pain in the back of my left knee. emoticon I decided I should rest it for a couple of days (good excuse, huh?) Well, time marched on with no exercise.
At the end of June we went to the lake for a long weekend and I took a terrible fall off the boat onto the dock. Landed on my left shoulder and knee; awful bruise on my right calf. It was a bit of an emotional breakdown for me also---aging, falls, balance, weight----I was angry about all of it!!! My dear hubby "talked me off the ledge" but, boy, my left knee hurt like heck. There was no bruising and little swelling. I stopped walking and spent as much time as I could with my leg up, trying to get that knee to heal. Doctor? Why, no, thank you. I will just sit here day in and day out doing nothing. emoticon
Last week, at the lake, we had ceramic tile or hardwood throughout. My knee ached 24/7 and I was having significant swelling. So, I finally called the doctor. DUH!
Saw my primary care doctor (I will be changing doctors by the way, but that's another story). I know I have posted as being at my all time high weight. Well, that was then---NOW I'm at my all time highest weight and it is not pretty. I never thought I would weigh this much!! Anywhoo, she sent me for xrays and then to orthopedist. Loved the ortho--kind, caring, knowledgeable, patient. Great guy!! Bottom line: I have no significant damage from the fall but it exacerbated some osteoarthritis in that knee that is fairly significant. Xrays weren't pretty but he was calm. We had the weight talk--I cried, he comforted. Then I had a cortisone shot and got a knee brace for when I start walking again. Right now, I am being sent to our recumbent bike in our dungeon of a basement emoticon for daily workouts until my thighs are stronger and I start to lose some weight. He kept mentioning 20 pounds but "that's not set in stone". Seeing as how I've only gained since SP I am not very confident of losing 2 pounds; let alone 20!!! I have to overcome that attitude and pump some positive in my head: I will lose weight this time! I am different than I was and I can do this. HMMM......may need to repeat that quite often!
Just in a bit of a funk today/tonight. I know I'm 63 but feel too young to be dealing with arthritic knee! I do not like aging!! I hate it that I've gained all this weight. So, the two things I struggle with most (aging and weight) were the focus of my day!
I'll feel better tomorrow. Thanks for reading.
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    You need a hug.

    I'm so sorry you're hurting. This seems to have been the summer for weight gain among so many of my dear spark friends. We can blame it on evil Vogon Rays beaming in from outer space.

    I hope you're doing better this week and that you're seeing some progress. I decided that some of my trouble (most of it is in my attitude, I know) was not enough water and I bumped mine up to 1/2 my weight in ounces of water. The happy surprise for me was that I didn't go to the bathroom more often. I just stayed there a little longer. But the best part was the mood shift that has happened, quite slowly, over the month. I just feel fresher so I feel more confident. You might try that and see if it helps.

    many hugs to you.
    2539 days ago

    Beth, once you can focus on the reason to be healthy and more flexible it really feels good.
    DH had big issues with foot and hip and the Podiatrist told DH that padding the floors instead of what we wanted-ceramic tile- would be helpful. We did do that.
    Our friends had the hardwood and ceramic. She bought some shoes that have memory foam and she says the cushioning helped her feet and knees. She goes to the Gym daily and she is doing much better. It is a chore but once you feel you are making progress, I am sure you will, it helps because you are taking care of yourself.
    If you clean and maintain your house you have pride in it. Why is it we are often unable to realize we can feel better just by thinking more about "BODY MAINTENANCE"
    I still have aches and pains but when I walk with my head high, I know I will feel better.
    Positive mind set on our bodies is the key. It is not how we look it is how we FEEL and INTERACT with our wonderful bodies. HUGS, for our good bodies, pamper them not hamper them. Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2553 days ago
  • JANEDOE12345
    Here it is, tomorrow and do you feel better? I hope so. After all, the knee is not going to have to be replaced. Can you change the lighting in the basement to cheer it up a bit? Maybe buy some new exercise clothes - even a new tank top - maybe get some obnoxiously loud music and go all disco on the bike?

    Treat yourself with some special consideration, baby yourself a little (not with food) and see if you find some motivation. You ought to have gone right to the doctor, but you didn't, so now you at least know the issues are not horrifically damaging. Next time hobble into the ortho's office and take your pain to an expert. Your knee is talking to you and you are now doing something -- good for you. You will bounce back, I know it. Just don't land on that knee!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon !!

    2555 days ago

    I am different than I was and I can do this.

    Awesome mantra!

    2555 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/6/2014 7:55:05 AM
    I am sorry to hear about your knee. In May I fell helping a neighbor but other than a few bruises on my knee and some abrasions on my face I was okay. I am 62 and you are right, aging and weight are the big concerns. I know you can do lose the weight! If you need support you know we are here for you!
    2556 days ago
    Dear Beth,
    It doesn't matter "the number" we are all aging every day and feeling it. We have been linked here together for years and I have consistently gained every year here on Spark until just these last 6 months and yes (pregnancy no excuse as I'm talking about baseline weight) It is good to be here. It finally started to click and I'm so grateful for sticking around here even when I never lost a pound. It's the knowledge, consistency and support that will pay off in spades very very soon.
    I know it's frustrating dearest, I am discouraged by how much of my knee,hip and back aches stuck around even after the baby. It's my own weight that hurts. I am off balance with you sister. We can do this, really we can.
    2556 days ago
    I hear you and can totally relate. I could rationalize things better when I was in my 50s but 60s sound like senior citizen and I really don't like that moniker. I guess I can be 62 but I don't want to feel, look, and act it. At my weight it always seems to cause some kind of flare up when I push myself. I need to lose weight before I can even get much exercise in. I'm tired of being fat but don't have the advantage of being able to spend all of my time concentrating on myself with everything I have to do. Losing weight isn't fun but being fat isn't either.
    2557 days ago
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