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A day in the life of an old timer!

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Took the GLBH out to lunch at one of the finest Hardees in Dixon Il., might be the only one but who's counting. In case I haven't mentioned it, I'm a really big spender. After GLBH next to last rehab date we went to another neighboring town to do some shopping errands. Been looking for a real small light rotor tiller. As I get older the hoe isn't my friend anymore, eyes sometimes chop out too many good plants, pretty hard to hide my mistakes when the GLBH knows exactly the number of each plant we planted and the hoeing is getting harder on my arms. Went to Menards to see what they might have. Had one with small motor on it, knew the GLBH could never handel that one. LOL. They were sold out of the lighter one with battery operation, the one I decided on. They looked o line and found a neighboring store 50+ miles in the opposite direction has 12, sure to have one if we made the trip. Bought a few groceries and dropped them off at home on the way by and picked up a gift certificate she received for Panaro Bread, not many of them close around here so thought very good time to use it. Picked up my new B and D tiller and as I was checking out this man started talking to me as thou we were old friends. Not a clue who he is. Don't you just hate that! I struggled for several minutes when this old man with white hair and long beard to match was a neighbor boy, 10 years younger than I. He still owned the farm next to ours until a few years ago when after both parents died he and his sister decided to sell it. What a nice family and neighbor they were . Now off to Panaro Bread .Found it in a strip mall, parked, went in and per our rule of over 57 years , GLBH orders first, I mustn't order for her, While she was busy telling the guy what to put on her sandwich, I looked around for that soup in a bun bread that they have been advertising on T V, Couldn't see it anywhere, only soup in a bowl. I happened to look at the guys hat and it said Subway. Whispered to the GLBH, we are in the wrong restaurant. Jokes on us old folks! When we left did find P B right next door about 15 feet way. All in all the meal was good and this gives me another excuse to take the GLBH to the Best Panaro Bread in DeKalb Ill. and see if us old people can find the right door, hope our memories last that long. Old age is a real hoot!
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