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Day 213- Monthly progress photo, weigh in and measurements!!

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Drum roll please!!!! Yes it is a GREAT Friday today!! Today is August first and time to look back on this month and look at my goals for next month. I've been on this lifestyle change for 7 months now! Crazy!!

So I bet your wondering how my weigh in went after such a bad week with overindulgence days....well.....

THAT'S RIGHT!! SUCCESS this week! It's so weird how the weeks I think I did great I get a crappy weigh in and the weeks where I'm freaking out and scared out of my mind are good weigh ins. Like sparker lynn said, she always loses when she thinks she had a bad week, crazy!

I have to be honest, when I woke up this morning I was TERRIFIED to get on the scale. I procrastinated over and over by starting breakfast and doing mundane things to pass the time. Finally I realized it was almost time to leave and I had to get it done.

So I went in the bathroom and got the scale set up. I took a deep breath and turned it on....

The little zeros popped up and I got really scared and backed away. I thought "nah maybe I'll wait and weigh next week" lol

Finally I just forced myself to step on and this was the result:

Drum roll please: duh duh duh dun dun dun dduuuuuuun!! emoticon

Yes you read it right. I'm officially in the 120's!!! GAAAH SO EXCITED!!!! emoticon

Not ONLY did I hit the 120's FINALLY, but I also hit 130 which sparks my bmi to finally go down that last stubborn point making me

It feels unreal really, I just can't believe I'm no longer considered overweight. I know my waist size is still considered larger than usual though and I will still lose a little more weight to try and get that down. Now I just have to focus on when to stop losing weight. Not sure what my goal weight should be really.

I get to cross of 2 more mini goals!! So exciting!!

Mini Goals:

1. Get weight back down to 150's emoticon April
2. Fit back into my old size 14 jeans. emoticon April 18
3. Get out of 150's to 149 emoticon 5/1
4. Reach 146 to make 50 lbs lost emoticon 5/9
** Reach 141 (haven't weighed that since 2008) emoticon 5/30
5. Get out of 140's to 139 (haven't been that weight since 2007) emoticon 6/6
6. Be able to fit in my goal dress again (usually can fit around 137) emoticon 6/15
7.Reach 136 to make 60 lbs lost emoticon 6/27!!
8. Reach 133 (never been that low in my life, since I was a kid) emoticon 7/11

9. Reach 130 to have official HEALTHY bmi emoticon 8/1 woohoo! emoticon
10. Get out of 130's to 129 emoticon 8/1
11. Reach 126 to make 70 lbs lost
goal weight??

So like I said, not sure what my goal weight should be. I have an idea of the range a little bit
but other than that I don't know. Sometimes I can't believe how far I've come. It's just amazing!

So reflecting back on July's progress I went from 134.4 lbs down to 129.6 for august which is a 4.8 pound loss total. Just barely 5 lbs which was my goal. I give myself a C+ for my report card this month for effort lol. I had a lot of overindulgence days this month: 4th of July, my birthday, drinking days, snacking, etc. and that's probably why I didn't lose more. I'm still super proud of myself though. I actually squealed a little bit when I saw the number on the scale haha.

Another bit of progress is I finally measured myself again. I was going to last month but kind of forgot lol.
So here's my new numbers:

may 30th august 2nd inches lost
arms: 11 11 zero grr
upper abs line: 34.2 32.4 -1.8 inches
lower abs under belly button: 44 39.5 -4.5 inches!!!
hips: 40 38.5 -1.5 inches
thighs: 23 21 -2.0 inches

Total inches lost since May 30th: 9.8, almost 10 inches gone! woohoo!
Total inches lost since January: 32.6 inches!!! YAY!

My arms are being really stubborn. I think I may have built some muscle because the cardio fusion class I take forces you to do push ups and arm weights, things like that. Even though I know there is excess skin on my arms too so that might be another reason why it's being so stubborn. Last time my legs were stubborn and wouldn't change
but this time 2 inches are gone! and omg, almost 5 inches gone off my belly flab! I'm really happy about that.

Here is my progress photo for this month:

When my husband took this picture he took another one of me from the side as well and I almost started crying. I don't know why but for some reason I feel like I look too skinny and kind of sick. I know it's a crazy thought because I'm at the upper end of my bmi and barely even in the healthy range. I just noticed I have stress bags under my eyes and my collar bones jutting out. I think all the dieting I've been doing is stressing my body out for sure. I'm going to keep working on my food intake and make sure I get all the iron and protein I need, etc.

Also, my chest is nonexistant now. I started crying about that too. My mom saw me and told me I haven't had boobs like this since I was an 11 year old girl. yay. :(

I don't know, looking at my first pictures when I was overweight I remember being proud of my chest. They were the only part of my body I liked and now that they're gone...I don't know. I think I'm just over reacting. TMI but they remind me of raisins now.
I even joke to my husband that he has to buy me implants and I nicknamed them my raisenettes. LOL :D

All joking aside, I'm learning to accept my new body, my new chest etc. This is who I am now! I'd rather be healthy with all these little flaws then be how I was...obese, sick, tired all the time, HUNGRY all the time and never able to get full.

Now for August I would like to lose another 5 lbs if possible. I know the lower my weight gets the more my body holds back so it's not as much pressure. I want to hit my last mini goal in august of 126.
I'd really be fine just reaching that weight to be honest. Once I hit 126 I really have to try and decide my goal weight. I may decide to stay in the 120-125 range but I just don't know! I've NEVER been in the 120s so this is all so new and weird to me!

sheesh, last time I was one twenty-anything was when I was like 11 or 12 years old. My weight jumped up to 150 when I turned 13!

There was a lot more I wanted to write about but I ran out of time. We've been super busy this weekend like I said before and I have
to leave again in 10 minutes. I have to get something to eat before going. Haven't eaten in 5 hours or so!

Bring on AUGUST!!!! emoticon

starting weight: 196.0
1/10 weight: 190.8
1/17 weight: 186.4
1/24 weight: 182.8
1/31 weight: 181.8
2/7 weight: 177.6
2/14 weight: 176.4
2/21 weight: 173.6
3/1 weight: 170.0
3/7 weight: 168.2
3/14 weight: 165.6
3/21 weight: 162.4
3/28 weight: 161.0
4/4 weight: 159.2
4/11 weight: 156.0
4/18 weight: 152.4
4/25 weight: 152.2
5/2 weight: 148.6
5/9 weight: 146.0
5/16 weight: 143.4
5/30 weight: 141.0
6/6 weight: 139.2
6/13 weight: 137.0
6/27 weight: 135.4
7/4 weight: 134.4 -1 pound
7/11 weight: 133.4 -1 pound
7/18 weight: 133.4 -0 (T.O.M. >:-(
7/25 weight: 131.6 -1.8 lbs
8/1 weight: 129.6 -2.0 lbs lost
Total lost: -66 lbs!
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    1385 days ago
    Wow - you are an inspiration and look fantastic - congrats
    1388 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    “The choices you make from this day forward will lead you, step by step, to the future you deserve.”
    ~ Chris Murray ~

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1388 days ago
    Girl...I don't see how you only give yourself a C+!!! Your goal was 5 and it was only .2 away from that...that equals an A!!! Maybe not A+ because of the .2 but that's the only subtraction I can think of...PLUS don't you get extra credit for navigating a High Risk Month that had TONS of High Risk Situations in it and still be only .2 from a full 5 pounds??? Seriously that makes it up and gives you an A+ if not A+++++++++++++++!!!!!!! I think your self-evaluation needs recalibrating!!! Just because we have foods that aren't perfect doesn't mean we didn't do perfect with what we did! Your choices in the midst of it all were great and full of what it's like to be in maintenance yet you still lost too!!!

    Plus since it's the bigger picture of our life that means we can balance poor foods with really great foods, and from what I could see in your blogging it looks like you did exactly that! I think as long as we are working on balancing as much as we realistically can that is really great! Don't feel guilty about them because you know you balance it out and it's still within your calories! Always remember it's the bigger picture that counts and just enjoy it in the moment knowing you are still on track anyway!

    You are doing Awesome!
    1388 days ago
    1390 days ago
    emoticon Thank you for sharing your journey with us. And thank you for painting such a wonderful journey with your weight loss emoticon . It's emotional... ups and downs and everything else in between. But you did a wonderful job. I'm not only proud to call you my spark friend, but you are one of my spark.. emoticon Shero's. Thank you! I can't say that enough. You're the inspiration behind the blog I post sometime tonight.

    1390 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/2/2014 11:12:03 PM
    GREAT JOB!!!!!
    1390 days ago
  • KMW987
    AAAhhh I feel your pain about the shrinking chest! I've been putting off bra shopping for a while now just because I'm scared to see how small they actually are now! But you're right, better to be healthy than be bigger and unhappy but with boobs.

    1390 days ago
    emoticon emoticon you're doing super well. Congrats!
    1390 days ago
    doing great
    1390 days ago
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