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Thursday, July 31, 2014

On Tuesday I conquered the Silver Sneakers exercise class. Well, that’s using the term loosely, as I already wrote about how those “seniors” kicked my butt! Today was hard, too, but it was good.

Yesterday was pool day. I have been looking forward to it ever since I got the bug to join the Y. Water aerobics, stretching and flexing is great for the body. But, I admit it…I was apprehensive about getting naked in front of a bunch of people I didn’t know. Shoot, I’d be apprehensive in front of people I DO know…maybe more so. But, those of us who reach our senior years and are obese and have dimples in all the wrong places are probably a bit more worried about the locker room than young ladies with trim and firm bodies.

I had to wait several days to get to the class and that made it worse. Gosh…should I put my things in a bag? Will I need a locker? Put my suit on first? Wear a wet suit home? Etc., etc.! I knew there were no individual shower stalls and no curtains, as I’d seen that the other day when I was there, but I was in the locker room alone that day. What to do, what to do!!

I tried positive self talk: I am brave! I am brave! I have confidence in myself. I am no worse than anyone else (okay, that one is kind of borderline, but I used it). I timed my arrival to be at the same time as others getting there. At least I’d hoped I would, and it worked. I followed the women upstairs to the locker room, put things away and took my clothes off. Yes, I had my suit on under my clothing, but brought clothes to put on afterwards. We took our showers, went to the pool and enjoyed 45 minutes of good exercise. Our corner of the pool was full!!

When we were finished we trooped upstairs and everyone, and I mean everyone except one woman (she went in the bathroom stall), stripped naked and took a shower. One lady had trouble getting her suit off. I think she is recovering from a stroke. It was very touching to see two of the other women help her with her suit and make sure she didn't slip on the tile. We talked and laughed, padded back to the lockers, got dressed and put our things away. No one paid one bit of attention to what I looked like naked!! A couple of women invited me to go to Perkins with them for a late breakfast, but I declined. I knew where that would lead: food that I hadn't planned on and didn't need. Told them thanks and I’d try it another day.

On my way home, I told myself, I am brave, I am confident, and it really is true…I’m no worse and no better than any of the other women in that locker room. And once again, it has proven to be true, that what you worry about seldom happens and is pretty much wasted energy. I’m looking forward to getting back to that pool tomorrow!!
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    great job Jeannie facing your fears & letting us know there is nothing to it thanks so much
    1427 days ago
  • 1AVERY
    This was a great blog and very true I keep telling people that people don't really pay attention to others weight, looks or imperfections. It is all in the eye of the beholder and sometimes like you said in the blog you fight your fears and fight they should never have been fears at all. Teri
    1427 days ago
    Great blog, Jeannie! So much food for thought. Not to many things feel better than really conquering one of our own fears and getting on the 'other' side of it! Well said!! emoticon
    1427 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1427 days ago
    This is a wonderful message! I do water aerobics at my weight and at my age! I have been doing it so long that dressing in the locker room is no problem for me. But I have many friends who "won't be seen in a bathing suit" or heaven forbid be seen naked! I want to say "Get over it!" But I can't say that. You have said it very well.

    I hope you don't mind, but I shared this with 5 of my SP friends.

    emoticon chris
    1427 days ago
    you are brave and confident whether you know it or not. maybe one day I will get my confidant's up and learn to swim. I am very afraid of water.
    1648 days ago
    Awesome! YOU are braver than I am! WTG!
    1666 days ago
    You about had me in stitches with your episode at the pool. I would have been like you worried sick that someone will see me naked. And then to find out no one really cared, Glad you had a great time.
    1666 days ago
    Jeannie I love the water and I have one worse fear than you I am covered in scars. I was put back together like Hampty DUmpty and I swimin the base pool so I swim with a lot of young men . I worried about it constantly.I have long scars down the front of my legs where my kneecaps were removed and I had 400 stitches in my back I went through the windshield and one day a little boy asked me what happened in the hot tub I always answer children as simply and honestly as I can. When I finished telling this boy who was about 9 ,one of the young soldiers piped up with something I have never forgot He said "Son those are the scars of bravery ,everyone gets them through life ,what you do is look at her eyes and her smile and the way she answered your questions kindly and then you will see real beauty, you remember that ,if the lady has white hair and is older than your grandma she is still beautiful if she has time for you , if she is heavier than she probably wants to be but she still stops to help you and talks nicely to you instead of snapping your head off she is still beautiful and those scars they are only skin deep what really counts is she had the patience to tell a little boy who asked why she had them"
    1667 days ago
  • SPEEDY143
    Pictures... I want pictures emoticon emoticon on facing a fear we all have no matter what the age emoticon Enjoy your new found freedom to put aside the things that keep us stuck you brave, confident beautiful woman emoticon
    1667 days ago
    OH Jeannie,,, I ALSO thought of this when I started to swim !! I DO ALWAYS wear my suit there,,, cos it's easier.

    I go though with a friend,, who's lets say "Diet challenge" or "Life style change,,it aint happening here " !! yet, any hows,, so I figured if ShE was NOT embarrassed either WOULD I BE !!! And people there,, as you have discovered come in ALL Sizes, and shapes,, the only time I get at ALL Self conscious is when it's family time,, and you get in the teenie weeine teens,,, who are like I was,,,, so thin,, you can blow them down with one breathe ! LOL but, I am sure they look in HORROR and say "I'll never grow OLD" !! but, where we NOT the generation who SWORE we'd find a CURE for that???? "When I am 64" was just a song from the Beatles that we all laughed and figured "I'll NEVER BE THAT OLD " !!! And yet, less than 10 yrs from now,, I WILL be !

    Oh well,,, HOP ON IN !! the water is COLD ! (Where I swim they keep it VERY COLD For the Professional swimmers, who get very warm doing the laps,, and those who are really getting a HARD WORk OUT ! I can't do that now,, though I USED to, my body ,, having that stroke 2 yrs ago (WOW its been 2 yrs !) has affected my left arm,, and leg when tired.
    1667 days ago
    Good for you, Jeanne! You DID it and now the hard part is over and the fellow classmates are your friends! Next time won't be so hard! Kudos to you for going and overcoming your apprehension! I'm sure it was a great deal of fun and a great workout, too! emoticon
    1667 days ago
  • JAMER123
    Good for you Jeannie! So glad you concord you fears. I haven't been able to do that and like the one lady, I too will go into the stall to change or go back and shower at home. The day may come when I can but I truly need to lose some more before that would happen.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1667 days ago
    very touching story Jeannie
    also I recognized similar feelings that I had when at the swim center.

    1667 days ago
  • JILL313
    Wow, You sure conquered your fears about how you would look to other naked Ladies, maybe some of them are thin or fat. I'd be just as scared as you were but I'm so proud of you for doing it and realizing no one was looking at you any different than they might have looked at others. When I was in high school I hated my daily gym class as we were required to take a shower after whatever sport we played. I wasn't heavy at all but my poor little boobs I was always sort of ashamed of. Anyway I took a 1 minute shower and barely got wet then wrapped myself in white gym towels. Most of the time if others were around I would quickly dress in the bathroom right there (it was enclosed). Believe me when I finally take an aquatics class I'm wearing my Bikini and when the class is over with I'll put a shift on and drive the 5 minutes to my home. I sure am a Chicken it! I'm so glad your enjoying your new class and making new emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon friends. Good for you my dear friend, I can't say enough about how you always amaze me and are a true Leader in the best sense of the word.

    Love You,

    1667 days ago
    Way to Go!!!!! Since I no longer care what anyone thinks of me your blog goes to show that we seniors have finally arrived. We can live and let live and still have a good time doing it.
    1667 days ago
    Oh, My Goodness, Jeannie!! You found SparkPool!! I can just see everyone on our Team pitching in to help a member get her suit off. Aren't you the lucky one?!? I'll bet that once you get to know your pool buddies, you'll find out they were just as worried as you when they began.

    Way to get motivated and then share with others!! WooHoo!!!
    1667 days ago
    Jeanne I think you are brave to face your demons! We all have gone through the embarrassment of being naked. If not at the pool, it could be at the doctors offices with those stupid paper gowns that do no fit anyone! Or how about a mammogram, not only is your top off, they are squeezing you until you could cry. Pretty soon I will be going to water therapy and I wonder if I will be the only one of my size. I think it is pretty definite. So--good for you!! I hope I am as brave~ emoticon
    1667 days ago
    Good for you, Jeannie! emoticon
    That brought back memories of gym class. Didn't we all feel the same way back then? And everyone was in such a hurry to get to the next class, they didn't have time to worry about anyone else... emoticon
    1667 days ago
    I LOVED this post, thank you for sharing it! I agree with what you said about worry, I wish I could remember it when I need to.
    I hope you have more fun times swimming. emoticon
    1667 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/31/2014 8:54:04 PM
    Getting in a bathing suit and walking around the pool area was the toughest. Why: I am pasty-white, packed with cellulite, and jiggle when I'm not even moving!

    Furthermore, I am very unsure of myself, in terms of walking, etc., but I managed. Thanksfully, the people at the pool where I go are really size-acceptance. That has made a big difference, but it wouldn't matter, anyway.

    The water is too good and I feel better than ever. It's made all the difference in the world.

    Thanks for this blog, Jeanne. I think you said everything I was concerned about when I started.

    1667 days ago
    I am so proud of you for facing your fears and attending the class. emoticon
    1667 days ago
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