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Thursday, July 31, 2014

I work with this guy named, Sebastian Cruz. Now, Mr. Cruz is a traditional Mexican guy… He’s average height, husky build, short cut black hair. He has a slight accent, mustache-goatee combo and is a light brown skin tone. His hazel brown eyes give him an edgy look, even with his black thin framed glasses on. He has a debonair side of him, but he also has a rambunctious side too. Sebastian works as the in-house IT person. He makes sure all the computers, printers and system are running properly. Which allows him the ability to move around, from place to place, insuring the system is running right for all personnel. He carries himself in a professional manner, most of the time. Then there are times, when he gets around me and we end up laughing for hours over something minimal. I guess, I bring his humorous side out. Sebastian always seems to laugh and smile more during the day when we get together for one of our conversations.

This brings me to topic of our story…

Now, my office sits behind bullet proof glass and a heavily locked door. My office is secured to say the least.

Two weeks ago, Sebastian and I were in my office, discussing some random topic and laughing periodically. I made mention about some video clips on YouTube, that I wanted to share. Sebastian made the remark that I didn't have a speaker system for my computer. I told him that using the built in system was fine for me. However, Sebastian insisted that I must have a speaker system if we were to continue watching the video clips. I explained the system I had was completely fine. Being the wonderful guy that Sebastian is, leans in and tells me, "I have a box full of speakers in my office. It would be no trouble to get you one. I insist." I finally yield to his request to get me a speaker system. Sebastian walks back to his office and is gone for about 15 minutes. I watch as he returns from the long corridor connecting our offices, smiling with a speaker system in hand.

He comes back into the office and explains briefly that I need to move in order for him to install the system. I laugh because of his verbiage and registry that he is using. The conversation goes something like this…

Sebastian: Cyndy, you know I got to get up in there. (He implies under my desk.)

Me: (Giggling) Oh really?

Sebastian: I didn’t mean like that! (Laughs) I gotta get down there and do my job.

Me: (Laughing) Uh huh. Sure you did! (Laughing harder)

Sebastian: You took it there, didn’t you?

Me: Well, you left yourself open like that. (Laughing)

We both laugh for a while after that. He installs the system, just looks at me and I bust out laughing… We go for several rounds of silent glances and rounds of laughter. Sebastian’s boss returns and he leaves to actually accomplish some work.

Last week, my boss bought a new payment machine for my office. I had to submit a request for Sebastian to come and install the device. He came over, checked out the new device and explained that he had to get some stuff from his office to set it up. He walks away to his office.

Thirty minutes later, he returns, asks me for the model umber of the device. I give him the manual that came in the box. He leaves again.

Twenty minutes pass, before he returns to install the device. He sets up the machine making sure all the wires are connected and the device is working. He climbs under my desk and makes sure there is room for the new device. As my computer has a bunch of wires everywhere! However, the system menu doesn’t come across the screen. He leaves to call his boss and find out why the menu is being difficult...

Another twenty minutes pass, before he comes back in with a USB to “install” my device through the computer. He does some stuff on the computer. While we wait for the computer to do its thing, we chit-chat about the week’s prior humorous conversation. We both laugh. About fifteen minutes pass before he realizes there is a problem in the installation. He leaves to go back for his office.

Forty minutes pass, before Sebastian returns with a different USB. He is clearly frustrated that the installation and device is taking such a long time. He inserts the new USB, finds the program and installs it. We go back to our conversation and I get him laughing again. He realizes he needs a tiny screwdriver to add the screws to keep the cord of the new device connected. He leaves, yet again to retrieve the screwdriver from his office.

While Sebastian is gone, I am resourceful and use a paperclip to attach the screws to the device. Finally, Sebastian returns a few minutes after I finish attaching the final screw in place and put the device back in its original position. He explains that he will have to disassemble the device to connect it properly now. I tell him, “Oh that’s great.” He flips the device over, sees that I have already attached the screws. This is the icing on the cake part of his frustration… He throws the screwdriver down and just goes off on a rant about having to walk to his office yet again for something else in which this project required. I finally get him to laugh about the situation… He climbs under my desk for the second time during this endeavor.

I go to the area outside of my office and tell him to watch for which cord I pull to disconnect the old device… I pull the cord, he unplugs it. Then he handles me the new device through the cut out in the bullet proof glass. He mentions on how one part of the cord is spliced and he might need to unscrew the cord and fish it up into my desk. I just look at the cord and know it will fit, without unscrewing it. Seconds later, I get the splice through the opening in my desk and Sebastian connects it. The machine comes to life and starts beeping as it connects with my computer.

I walk back into my office and notice my computer and phone have moved. I try to move them back to their original spots, yet the cords are too tight. I give Sebastian grief for tying the computer cords too tight and verbally force him to adjust the cords again. He rectifies the cords, lecturing me on the cable management of my computer.

So, officially Sebastian leaves my office, but not the area. He makes some snide comments about my age which irks me to no end! Now, I’m irritated and ready to go off on the age remarks… I correct him at some point and inform him that I am to be referred to as “Mistress Cyndy” not girl or “Miss”. My reasoning is because I grew up old school, or at least with an old traditions mentality, once a woman became 18 years of age you referred to her by her correct title. So, thus Mistress instead of Miss, Woman or Lady instead of Girl was the norm in my household. Ya, I blame the white side of my family for this… Anyways…

Sebastian gets the impression it’s okay to refer to me as “Doña Cyndy”. I cringe…

I finally calm down enough to tell him, “Sebastian, if I were you, I would walk that way (pointing towards his office). Right now, you’re in my strike range and bulletproof glass will not stop me.” He canters, “But Doña Cyndy…” I retort, “Do you really want me to be on the other side of this counter?” Sebastian just walks away with a swaggered walk of a triumphant peacock…

It’s been work two days since these events… Sebastian is still referring to me as “Doña”.

Aye, I guess I’ll have to live with it… According to my friend, I had best behave, since it’s obvious that I am the troublemaker and encouraging him to follow in my stead. Ya, right! As I stated before, I bring out this other side of people, especially him…

Hugs, Love and Laughter!
- Cyn M -

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