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Don't worry, be happy

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I just saw the most amazing post of Face Book. The young woman has started a campaign: No Body Shame


She is a beautiful girl who can really bust a move! If you are feeling self concious at all, you have got to go see her videos!

If you need motivaion or encouragement to get out there and enjoy the things you love to do, you have got to go see her videos!

I LOVE to dance, but when I think about how other people see me I feel self conscious...I'm not attractive enough to dance like that, nobody wants to see a fat girl on the dance floor, etc. I fall back to the "safe moves" i.e. step touch, sway back and forth, emoticon

Last week I was so ecstatic by my recent weight loss that I asked my husband to join me at a community dance. I felt beautiful and I danced the night away without a care...and you know what? The people there were just happy to see me having a good time! emoticon Others came out onto the dance floor because I was out there so they didn't have to feel alone or self conscious. It was a fabulous evening and I burned a bazillion calories :-) emoticon

We should all get out there and have fun doing the things we love to do. Don't worry so much about how you look or what people will think...just do it for you. The more I get out there and move and have a good time, the more calories I burn, the more fit I become, the more motivated I am to eat better, etc. It is a wonderful circle of escalating positive returns. emoticon

I would not judge another, so why should I worry that they are judging me?

I was given this life, I am free to live it as I see fit, and I don't know how long I will have it, so I am going to stop wasting time trying to be what others want me to be or doing what others expect me to do. I am going to focus on just being the best ME I can be and feel confident that that is good enough.
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