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Morgan Mudder Run report

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

On Saturday, we participated on the Morgan Mudder Run, run by the West Point Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) program. While MWR sponsors a lot of 5k, 10k, duathlon and other races, this was their first mudder event.

It was a great day for it, overcast and coolish with rain that threatened but never materialized. They had a 4.5 mi route for adults and big kids (13+ recommended) and a 1 mi run for the kids (5+).

Of course, nothing is easy schedule wise - DD1 and DD2 had gymnastics in the morning, so DW dropped me and the boys off at the race where we did the registration and pre-race activities. I was in the first heat, scheduled to start at 10am. Fortunately, the race was fairly small and we knew a fair number of folks there, so one of our friends kept an eye on the boys while I did the race. My DW was back from gymnastics and walking up to the starting area and heard my heat start.

While I was running, my DW took the kids down to to the kids run. The course was actually 1/3 of a mile with 5 obstacles along the loop, and they did 3 laps. DD1 is 8 and DS1 is 6 and they pushed each other apparently. My DW was a little disappointed with the kids obstacles - she said that they should not underestimate what the kids can do, especially the kind of kids who would participate in an adventure race.

My run was 4.5 miles and we didn't have much information on the route or the obstacles before hand. The route was pretty rugged, mostly following firebreak trails through some of the training areas and looping back around. In the first 1-1.5 miles there was a really long and steep up hill section with about 800 ft of climb. Then we ran along a ridge for a while before a steep long descent before a short flat and short climb to the finish line.

The up hill and down hill sections were a lot more challenging than any of the obstacles. Very steep and loose rock on the footing. I wasn't going fast, but I managed to keep running even on the climbs. On the long climb, there was a group of 4 marines ahead of me that I caught and passed while they walked up the steepest pitch.

The obstacles were not that hard, but were still fun. They included and ammo can carry, kettle bell swings, pull ups, log/balance run, high crawl through a muddy ditch, climbing through a bungie cord obstacle, shooting a paint pellet gun at a target, tire obstacle, and a huge mud puddle. The last obstacle was to get up the final hill to the finish line, it was a giant slip and slide with water and vegetable oil to make it more challenging. The finish line was right near the top of the slip and slide, so there was a fair number of spectators cheering on the folks attempting to scale the slippery plastic. Here is a photo of the slide:

Not knowing what the obstacles were like, I opted not to wear my watch. I think I finished around 45 minutes or so (they had a timing system, but I don't think it was working right, and I don't think it matters that much for that kind of run anyway). Out of my heat of about 50 runners, I finished in the top 5-10, mostly by pushing it on the climbs I think. My family was waiting at the top of the slide (DS2 looking like he wanted to try to slide down it...) to cheer me on and push me through the finish line.

Here is the post race photo:

I have a pre race photo with me and the boys but I still have to download it from the camera and will add it when I can.

It was a fun family event, we had a great time out there. I liked the adventure race aspect of it and would do more events like it. I am not sure if I am up for one of the more hard-core events like the tough-mudder or spartan race series, at least not at this point!

One more scheduled race on the summer racing schedule, a hilly 10k run on 24 Aug. Happy running/training/getting your Spark on!
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