Difficult Realization

Sunday, July 27, 2014

I haven't been doing well with weight loss and I know it.. But two things happened in the last 24 hours that really showed me more dramatically that I have got to get it together and focus because I really have a problem.

1) I ate half of my son's Whoopie Pie after hubby brought home one for each of us last night as a peace offering. I was pretty upset and it was emotional eating.. I got into my son's after my husband went to bed, in secret. I am ashamed.

2) Today my son took some pictures of me at my request and he didn't mean to take bad pictures, but I look huge.. Much bigger than I thought I was. I guess I will use these as motivation. I managed to not delete them all.

I recently weighed myself and I'm up to 264. This is ten lbs heavier than my last recorded weight on here of 254 lbs. in January. It could be worse for six months of not tracking.

I came back here to try to get control of myself again and to get the support I need through this process.

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