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Long time no blog

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wow.. It's been since May!

What a crazy warped week!!!

I need to get out of cars every 3 yrs based on mileage I put on (400 a week) in order to get any worthwhile trade in and not have to pay for repairs down the road. While I used to run my cars to 120,000... we sat down and did the math and this is the best option. Last time I traded in a car it was about 80,000 miles and they told us if it's a GM, then get it in before 75,000 and they can factory certify it and will get a better trade in value.

Well... that now is about 2.5 yrs vs 3. So I am casually going thru the car options of my choice and decided on a few features. Then I quickly started getting close to 70,000 on my car and supposedly the 2015 Encores could start to be ordered, yesterday actually. But we were not going to make it till delivery. Then our buddy the salesman said they just pushed back the delivery of the 2015s, seems too many dealers still have a lot of 2014s on the lot. We also figured with it being 2.5 yrs to get to mileage, there will be a year for the lastest model, and a year for not. This is the year for not.

So...last Tuesday I had my lesson, horse was good!

Wednesday I test drove an Encore and liked it. Salesrep said he wasn't pushy. He lied. Sheesh. They have nothing on the lot I wanted and besides, we have a friend that is a rep, he's just an hour + away. So yes.. I used that dealership just to drive the vehicle to make sure I liked it.

Thursday I had to go grocery shopping. On the way home, the adopter of our foster dog from November called, they are having problems. Put her in touch w/ the rescue lead.

Friday I had to go to storage and pull food out for a good customer.

Saturday we went to the dealership and got the new car. Check email and the adopter is wanting to bring the dog back, so making arrangements for Sunday. Love the new wheels!...but didn't get home till 1! oh, did I mention we are having this HUGE family picnic at our place this coming weekend? Sat for my family and Sunday for his family. So spent a few hours pulling weeds and raking the sand around the pond. Then went to a play. Got home after 11 and noticed a tear in my dog Taite's side. Didn't look bad, needed stitches but not actively bleeding.

Sunday, I call vet, they no longer come in for emergencies, I have to go to a 24 hour care that's an hour away... great. So we hike over there and wait almost 2 hours before the vet see's her. States it's been open too long for simple stitches, she needs surgery and a drain tube. Great. Thank DOG I have insurance on this one dog! Leave dog and head home to work on pond.

On my way home, foster dog from November is dropped off. He is not happy. My BF is not happy as he is not the friendly happy go lucky dog we adopted out. He's now snarling and threatening to bite. WONDERFUL... We are in the revaluation process to see if we can figure out what happened and see if there is any hope for him to go to a single active person or even be able to stay here. BUT we already got a new dog (Onyx) earlier than we were wanting a new dog!

Friend came over and we switched from pond to horse trailer to clean up, take pictures.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
My friend ignored Onyx, foster dog from February that is now ours that is scared now of people, she thinks they are going to take her away. She dropped treats and eventually Onyx was taking them out of her hand to going to her to be petted after the treats were gone! I was SO happy to see this. And we forgot to take a picture...dang it.

So then I was working on the pond again. Get a call to get Taite from vet, so that's another 2 hours. By now... I am exhausted. I cook dinner and go to bed.

Wake up Monday to a dead cell phone. plug it in. 30 minutes later I see all these texts from brothers and sister. My parents 79 & 77 were in a car accident Sunday, car is totaled. augh.

Monday I check with them after work. Parents are sore, but mostly ok. Mother is worse than my dad based on seatbelt brusing, etc. Cancelled my lesson for Tuesday night as I knew I'd be working late.

Foster dog Baggins is doing much better.... there is some hope. We will have him evaluated by a dog trainer and test him on sheep in August. Maybe find him a home w/ one of her students, we'll see. I know my BF would like to keep this dog...I don't think Onyx wants him to stay though... we can't do dog introductions right now, I have paid enough in vet bills!

So .. now we have Wednesday... hopefully I'll get out of work on time today. I have a friend dropping off Noah the Rottweiler for the weekend, oh yea, really packed house! then another friend coming to borrow our truck and go to dinner... then I am off work till next Wednesday!

Thursday and Friday will be last minute shopping and removing remaining weeds around the pond. Sat and Sun will be kick back and enjoy family! Monday will be my recovery... Tuesday AM I'll be off to do hound exercise with emoticon ! Speaking of which, I hope to swing by tonight and check on him, make sure he's okay.

WOW.. what a busy last week! emoticon I'm running though! Have been really good this month and getting out 3 times a week. Didn't go last Monday due to being so tired and having many dog shifts to let out. Did get a run in Tuesday... now that my consistency is back, I just have to wake up earlier to get in more miles!

That's all peeps! Hope all is well out in Sparkland for my friends.
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