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Home, Sweet Home!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Yes! THIS!!!

Lord knows they NEED to see what a strong, intelligent, independent hard-working woman looks like...and I'll make damn sure that whomever they marry is just as competent and whole a person as well!

Can't wait to see my bonus boys this weekend. We had such a great time last time they were here. We really got close...A looked at me in the car on the way home and said, "Leah...I love you." Looking forward to cuddles and fun times in our BRAND NEW condo!!! So excited to have a HUGE and beautiful new home for our family!!! We moved on Saturday. It's been a GRUELING weekend, but we got it all moved over and completely unpacked in two days. Whew!

Main Level looking out onto balcony

View from balcony

From basement (aka Mom & Dad's Room) looking onto patio

View from patio

Living Room/Dining - you won't believe this. We live a block away from the Habitat for Humanity Restore & we got this couch for $18 and computer desk for $8!!!! We also carried the couch from the store down the block to our condo. Lol. It was hard. We have some big time muscles.

Stairwell up to the Kids Wing

Boys Room (with crystal in the window, natch)

The most organized it's ever gonna be.

Hallway from Boys Room to Girls Room

Make-up counter!!!

From Girls Room to Boys Room

Mr. T and I also LOVE our sex dungeon (er, bedroom). Haha. It's the ENTIRE basement...so it is HUGE. We are still working on decorating, etc. Hence, no photos yet.

Our friend brought us lunch Sunday and brought her precious 5-week old baby. Be still, my heart!!!

By the way...that sexy man has lost so much weight! He is at the same weight now that he was when we first met and fell in love...in high school! When we were 16 yrs old. He has gone from a Size 38 in pants to a Size 32. And the other day, he wore his 11 yr old son's Size 28 jeans. !!!!! Crazy!!!! He looks absolutely amazing and I am so proud of him!

I just need to catch up with him now!!! Got about 3 weeks til my final fitting and the day I HAVE to order the wedding dress. Otherwise it won't arrive in time. I can't believe the wedding is only 158 days away. Put another way, just 22.5 weeks. Eeeep!
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